1. Marcus Tibesar

    Great explanations Justin, and very thorough coverage of the new version of GB. This is most appreciated.

    Since some features of the latest versions of Gutenberg are experimental, I will not install the Gutenberg plugin on production sites.

    Instead I will wait for the WordPress updates which then contain the “backwards compatible” version of Gutenberg.

    Just thinking out loud…


    • Justin Tadlock

      The experimental features can be enabled/disabled via the Gutenberg settings screen in the admin, assuming this is the only concern. Non-experimental features are stable. Plus, you get bug fixes before they land in core.


  2. Ünsal Korkmaz

    Gutenberg 6.9 laid the groundwork toward this reality by resolving block templates from a theme’s /block-templates folder.

    God.. at last. This gutenberg switch phase was really painful but i believe its worth it.


  3. A. J. Bozdar

    In the past days, it was plugin business. Now we are heading toward block business. Improved and new blocks will be primary concern for publishers.


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