1. Marcus Tibesar

    Wow! I created my first GB ver 7.7.1 post yesterday, and it is beautiful! Really a smooth experience. Congratulations to the Gutenberg developers!


  2. Stephen Vaughan

    I took it for a spin the other day. This is a nice update to the UI.


  3. Patrick B

    I like many of the updates, but other’s don’t make sense. If you’re in full screen mode it doesn’t make sense to have the exist editor back to the posts gird be the WordPress logo when in the past it was a left carrot. It also seems that adding new blocks is much more of a manual process. The add new block button doesn’t show up except after the last block on the page. The drag and drop has also been changed in a way that manes it more manual, which is the only option of you have the editor set to Top Toolbar.


  4. Mike Schinkel

    I agree. Pattern Libraries will be a game changer. Something WordPress has needed for a decade+.

    Better late than never.


  5. Matt C.

    Block patterns are great. It seems the implementation is very similar to this user-created plugin. I’ve used this often, it’s really powerful and lean.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Cool. I don’t think I’ve come across that one before. Or, I have and forgot about it. There are so many developers who have been building similar solutions.


  6. Adrian

    I’ve updated to 7.7.1 few hours ago on a client site. Well, I work on my MacBook with Safari browser and it is a pain working with the new editor. If I click on a block, screen moves up or down to selected block, moving blocks does not work sometimes (for example I have a two column block and inside column two a button block which could not be moved anywhere) and few other bugs. Versions before worked nice, I was a fan of Gutenberg.

    It seems that some browsers do not get attention as before.


  7. David Do

    Congratulations to the Gutenberg developers!


  8. Bastian

    In previous versions, they removed the visual cue when hovering over blocks that helped me to identify where each block began and ended, now they have removed it even when editing a block. Puzzling. Do core devs know that WordPress is not only used by bloggers?


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