1. Peter Cralen

    Timesaver, just changed domain for one web and starting changing pictures urls in database … Then remembered that I read today something here :D so install it fast and easy changed about 60 urls with few clicks. Much better than do it one by one :D
    Thanks to developer for great plugin and thanks to Sarah, that posted about it here.


  2. Brian DiChiara

    I’ll definitely have to take a look at this, could be very helpful when guiding a client through this sort of process. I’m curious how it works with migrations though. Usually if you’ve moved a site to another domain, you’re unable to access the WP Admin. It will redirect to the URL in the database when attempting to login. This being a plugin accessed from within the admin, I don’t see how it’s possible to use for URL replacement.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    Search and Replace is not the one linked to, and according to the developer, Frank Bülgte, it has not been sold. The plugin was also updated as recently as September last year. The plugin should work just as well now as it did during the WordPress 2.5 days (when the screenshots are from).

    Or was it perhaps a different plugin being rerferred to and not the Search and Replace plugin?

    At any rate, Frank seems to think the new plugin is a good idea anyway … https://twitter.com/bueltge/status/553233728181637120


  4. Piet

    And it looks like the team from interconnectit just came with a new plugin that focuses on performance: https://wpperformanceprofiler.interconnectit.com/


  5. Chris

    BackupBuddy to the rescue!


  6. karks88

    Love this plugin, very easy to use!


  7. Karen Bennett

    I’ve had good luck using the Search Regex plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-regex/) for site migrations and repetitive changes. It also lets you preview before making a change.


  8. Ryan Vande Guchte

    I have tried this plugin, but when doing a dry run it gave me a white screen and didnt do anything. I was really hoping this would work. The theme im using on a site isnt working correctly and I need to change some urls.


  9. JS Kitololo

    Thanks. After using Interconnect.it’s script for a few years it’s sort of a relief someone took the time to turn it’s functionality into a plugin! Your post helped me discover this and for that I’m grateful :-)


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