1. Havenswift Hosting

    BackupBuddy from iThemes has got to be the easiest tool for this type of task – simple and flawless


  2. Ivan Arnaudov

    Thank you for sharing.

    I recently used the Duplicator plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/) to move a WordPress installation from a shared host to a VPS. As it was an eCommerce site and prolonged periods of downtime were out of the question, I studied WP Duplicator carefully over a period of two weeks and during that time I made a couple of dry runs before actually switching to the new host.

    Duplicator is very elegant and robust, perhaps the author of this article would be kind enough to check it herself?


  3. Steve B

    I highly recommend the Duplicator plugin for this type of thing. It does not run on every server configuration but when it does it’s as easy as it gets to move a site.



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  5. Andrew

    +1 for duplicator if moving the whole site. I’ve used it dozens of times and it makes the whole thing really easy. Cory is really good on support as well.


  6. Ben Huson

    I’ve used Search and Replace DB by interconnect/it many times. It’s great for performing any search/replace tasks on a database.


  7. Ryan Hellyer

    The command line is important too.

    I’ve worked with databases which are difficult (or impossible) to work with in PHP as they’re simply too big. Exporting a giant database with PHP, can often timeout long before the database is exported.

    Using the command line avoids those problems. What might take an hour to export via PHP, can be done in 30 seconds or so via the command line. There is a huge performance advantage, and I’ve never had anything time out when done via the command line. It’ll just keep on chugging until the task is complete.


  8. Bob Schecter

    I am constantly migrating template sites, and have used several ranging from BackupBuddy to other trials from CodeCanyon to the many freebies in the repository. As to Migrate DB, it worked, but not always. On the other hand, I’ve been using Duplicator for a while, and thus far it seems to be error free, so I give it a +1.


  9. Sarah Gooding

    @Ryan Hellyer – Very good point, Ryan. I’ve had to do that on rare occasions with 5,000+ member multisite networks.


  10. Noumaan Yaqoob

    All three of them are great tools. +1 on Duplicator too.I have used it many times and it works like a charm.


  11. Chris McCoy

    i been using wp migrate db pro recently (premium plugin) they just did an attachment addon which is great also, and they allow push and pull so you dont even have to backup the actual db


  12. stephen

    I did the db migration manually but i read a blog that says duplicator is the best plugin to use in migration as migrating db is not only the thing we need to migrate the content too. I am quite impressed with duplicator. The link is here :http://www.wpcares.com/migrating-wordpress-site-easily/
    if it helps


  13. RedhopIT

    You should check the GoLive plugin.

    It’s an All-in-one complete solution for migration, it covers all use cases (server to server, lcoal to server, export/import as zip).

    It updates the serialized data properly, and even the .htacess (to keep permalinks working).

    Link: *removed*


  14. Terry Turzynski

    It say’s for the search and replace php script that “You upload the script to your site, scan all the tables and then input what you want to find and replace.”

    For us novices, upload it where and how do we execute it?


    • Morgan Robertson

      Hi Terry,

      You need to upload the searchandreplace.php to your web hosting provider. This is normally done via FTP, Plesk or CPanel control panel – the settings will differ depending on your host. After uploading the file, you should be able to navigate to your old URL of http://example.com/searchandreplace.php & fill out the information to do the search & replace (Note: if this doesn’t work you may have uploaded it to the wrong folder or something is blocking access to the file such as htaccess). You can then transfer the wordpress files & DB to your new host/domain. You should also remove the searchandreplace.php file as it’s a security risk.

      Kind regards,

      Morgan Robertson
      Sys admin
      morganrobertson.net / ambient-it.com.au


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