1. Mark Gavalda (@MarkGavalda)

    This is awesome! I really liked the idea behind VersionPress, let’s see what features do these guys cover already with Revisr! :)


  2. wormeyman

    This looks really promising! Getting webhosts to enable exec() might be a little different though.


  3. Japh

    Nice! I am really interested to see where VersionPress goes, and this looks fantastic too.

    Revisr worked straight out of the box on a site on my old host (WebFaction), which was great :)


  4. Paul Oaten

    I like the look of this (and VersionPress). Revisr has been out since early June 2014 but this is the first I’ve heard of it. I would encourage folks to test it out – at least then we have some benchmark with which to assess Version[getting all the]Press.

    I’ve asked SiteGround if their hosting supports it…


    • Paul Oaten


    • jpelker

      I backed VersionPress and didn’t receive even an email confirming my funding. That, combined with their aversion to the GPL, makes me much more interested in Revisr at this point. I’m actually scared that VersionPress is vaporware and that my backing will disappear with nothing to show for it.

      On a happier note, I’m especially interested in Revisr’s upcoming Pro features; I’d love to be able to augment iThemes (or ManageWP, etc) with this tool and manage multiple client sites with one interface.


      • Sarah Gooding

        No email confirmation? That concerns me. However, VersionPress did adopt the GPL after all. It will be interesting to see where the project goes.


      • Borek (VersionPress)

        Hi Jason, sorry if you find the missing custom receipt experience confusing – we will be sending them e.g. for tax purposes after the campaign finishes as we don’t know at the moment if there will be any receipt to issue or not :) In the meantime, you have a PayPal confirmation, and one of the primary reasons we chose PayPal is that they have first-class buyer’s protection. VersionPress is certainly not vaporware or anything like that and we would be risking a lot if we tried to run something dodgy over PayPal. We are normal people behind it, responding to all the emails we get etc. Should you have any concerns, please get in touch, I’ll be happy to reply.


  5. Robin

    I supported versionpress and I didn’t get any confirmation email from versionpress either. Just the usual automated paypal email message for payment.

    I’m also very concerned because of a few details that I’ve noticed about the way they are managing the project. Not yet ready to jump to conclusions aka hanlon’s razor.

    It is an exciting concept but it needs the right person or team to implement it.

    The issue with revisr is there is zero documentation! and no info on the plugin developer:


  6. philhoyt

    The makers of Stream should hire this guy, join the two projects, and dominate the world!!!


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