1. Havenswift Hosting

    Jeff – we have git installed on our shared hosting servers so if you would like to try it out please contact us via our website


  2. loganyott

    How much is your shared hosting? You can get a VPS from Digital Ocean with (likely) much better dedicated resources for $5/mo and use whatever version of git you want.


  3. Borek Bernard

    What is strange is that usually, the problem on shared hosts is that they don’t want to enable `proc_open()` (the “Execute external commands” item in the checklist) because of possible security issues. However, your host has that enabled but say that they can’t / won’t install Git? Not sure why they wouldn’t…


  4. Andre

    lol…after doing a quick tweet with a hint to @mediatemple who I use, they apparently read that and replied: “We got the hint =) Working on getting 1.9+


  5. Borek Bernard

    But generally, you’re right that the lack of support of shared hosts is a big issue and we know that. It’s just a question of resources — to run on shared hosts we would need to implement parts of Git in pure PHP which is doable but can easily be a couple of man-months of work. That time is competing with all the other things we need to work on so it’s just about that.

    BTW, if anyone in the community wanted to create Git client in PHP and make themselves famous, we wouldn’t be angry :) I think it would make for a great student’s project.


    • kalenjohnson86

      I don’t know if you would want to spend time on that, though. The vast majority of users who have their WP site on shared hosting are not using any type of VCS. Since that really is the main point of the plugin, from what I can see, to integrate with Git, not sure why that would be something worth pursuing.

      By the way, there are many Git clients and wrappers for PHP: https://packagist.org/search/?q=git


      • Borek Bernard

        Those are just wrappers, they still require Git on the server and proc_open() or similar.

        As for the first paragraph, the beauty of VersionPress is that the user doesn’t need to have a clue what Git or VCS is, for them VersionPress is just a table of changes and an undo button for them. So the common shared hosting scenario is certainly worth pursuing.


  6. jpelker

    I know WPEngine uses Git. Anyone have any luck getting VersionPress running on that environment?


    • squiwrl

      WPEngine already has staging and versioning that actually is already tied into git. So doing so would be on the redundant side.


  7. geoffjones

    Webfaction list of apps is here http://docs.webfaction.com/xmlrpc-api/apps.html very economical outfit and very good service.


  8. zu

    switchplus.ch offers shared hosting where ssh-access is possible and GIT is installed


  9. jb510

    Long ago I installed git on BlueHost… but then was largely thwarted from using ti because of the non-interactive shell, don’t know if it’d work with VersionPress or not.


    Regardless, the better solution really is to give up on bargain basement shared hosting. Suffering shared hosting to save less than $100/year seems crazy in hindsight for all but the most unimportant of sites.


  10. Konrad Bauckmeier

    In germany uberspace.de is offering shared hosting with git. :-)


  11. Daniel Lee


    VersionPress is an excellent choice for people, actively developing their websites. I share the same enthusiasm for the plugin, as Jeff. The official CentOS repository is providing Git 1.7, which is the reason why most hosting providers are using the older release (if offering Git on shared hosting at all) and there is no information on when this will be updated to a newer version.

    We have been working with the VersionPress developers and we have compiled the required Git 1.9.4 on all our WordPress plans. The VersionPress users can install and use the plugin without any issues for test or production websites. PM me if I can be of any assistance for the installation, I would be happy to help!

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Lee


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