Ben Sibley On The State Of WordPress Themes 2013

Supportdash LogoSupportdash, a company specializing in providing customer support for WordPress developers has published an infographic that highlights the state of WordPress themes. Their survey pretty much has nothing to do with the design of the themes themselves but of trends, where are they being sold, the marketplace, and their support structures.

A few things I found surprising based on their data.

They tallied 1,001 theme shops
300 of those shops were responsible for 4,044 WordPress themes
872 of the 1,001 theme shops were selling on ThemeForest
88% of the 1,001 theme shops in the sample offered lifetime support

I got in touch with Ben Sibley who agreed to have a recorded conversation with me discussing the data he discovered. The short interview is 15 minutes in length where we discussed how the survey was conducted, the things that surprised him and the info surrounding the support numbers.

After reading the data they compiled and listening to the interview, what do you think?


3 responses to “Ben Sibley On The State Of WordPress Themes 2013”

  1. Really interesting interview, Jeffro, thanks! I found the discussion on support systems particularly intriguing…

  2. @Japh – Thanks Japh. It surprised the hell out of me to hear just how large ThemeForest is when it comes to theme marketplaces. I knew it was big, but not THAT big.


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