1. Chip Bennett

    Hmm… what about a plugin (similar to Sociable et al) that allows a reader to submit a post directly to wpvote? That might help the site gain some traction…


  2. Oliver Schlöbe

    Personally I’d like to be able to edit my entry for a few minutes after submission. Accidentally I put an article into the wrong category, and had to ask the site owner to edit it for me.


  3. Jeffro

    @Chip Bennett – Yep. I know Pligg came with a bookmarklet I think but that idea will definitely help WPVote gain traction. In fact, I wonder if Ben can hack the built in PressThis bookmarklet in WordPress to be the WPVote submission tool bookmarklet.

    Also, the plugin would need to show something like a Digg counter within the article that people could click on to vote or submit. A lot of this stuff accounts for the success Digg has had.


  4. Lars Tong Strömberg

    @Oliver Schlöbe

    Good point.

    Overall, making entries re-editable for a short period of time is a quite useful feature. At least for me, – I am way too sloppy and for some reason, I tend to proof-read what I have written myself not until it is finally there, alive and kicking beyong the point of no return… :=)


    Agree on the slim chances for this kind of site. I just can´t see myself using it and that´s a bad start…


  5. Nile

    I would probably suggest Bill talk to Webmasterish (Webmasterish.com). He and I put together Blogrity.com with the same idea in mind, except expanded it to be a simple social bookmark site for bloggers. (It is about to go through a revamp as we put the original site together to at least make sure things were working first.) Webmasterish even developed a plugin specifically for the social bookmarking to prevent duplicate entries. Currently working on a module to be able to bring back to the webmasters website to allow people to vote on or even submit.

    I believe WPVote.com is so far a success, statwise. PR 3, Alexa 370K. The stagnant months did not help, but now that it is up and running, I am pretty sure it will improve.


  6. Edward Caissie

    The process is functional, although I agree that with a successful submission there should be an auto-refresh to show the new article and/or listing showing the article rather than having to close the “lightbox” and refresh.

    I like what I see and believe WPVote will make for a good feed reader subscription.


  7. Ben

    Hey Jeffro thanks for the comments and the “encouragement”. To be honest your optimism is a little off-putting – especially since you have said this to me repeatedly since I started building it. I am still trying to work out how you define success though? By your definition it may never be a success but by my own, I think it’s already a winner.

    It’s a success because I have actually managed to build something that worked and didn’t die on the launch day.

    It’s a success because I made a Digg styled site using WordPress.

    It’s a success because I’ve done no promotion (apart from 1 tweet) and have had over 50 people register in the first day.

    Will it have long term success? No idea, but I guess we’ll see :)

    I do have a number of ideas for both promotion and monetisation so hopefully it will do everything I plan for it to do. Thanks also for the constructive part of the review – there are some points there that make total sense and I will be implementing some changes in the coming days (weeks) to address most of the key problems from the review.


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  9. Jauhari

    Vote is the most interesting feature in WPVOTE.com ;)


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