1. Ben

    Thanks for the write up Sarah!

    If anyone wants to help out or report bugs or whatever then I’d welcome contributions on The Github repo – https://github.com/BinaryMoon/wp-toolbelt


  2. David McCan

    @Ben Gillbank, Thank you.


  3. Jacob Share

    and it was getting a score of 99 or 100

    What was this on? Google Pagespeed Insights?


  4. Chris

    Looks great, Ben – thanks for making this contribution. You might want to check out Fathom Analytics by Paul Jarvis for a privacy-first approach to stats/analytics: https://usefathom.com


    • Ben

      Hey Chris, thanks for the info. I’ve actually emailed Paul about this.

      Once Fathom has an API I hope to add support for it. They already have an official plugin, but I’d like to add a bit more information – like the Jetpack stats widget.

      There’s also Simple Analytics and Plausible. I hope to add support for all of them so you can pick the one you want to use.


    • Dave Warfel

      ^ This is fantastic news 👍.


  5. Álvaro

    Wow. Have to test this. Thanks Ben Gillbanks.


  6. Dave Warfel

    “Page Impact” column 👏👏👏

    This should be the new standard for all WordPress themes & plugins.

    If this data was added to the wp.org repo, it could completely change the landscape… for the better.


    • Ben

      I got the idea from the Machete plugin but made it a bit more prominent.

      I think it’s a good reminder of what you are opting in to.


  7. Ryan Hellyer

    Ben, how come you didn’t just release individual plugins for each thing?


    • Ben

      I’ve had it in my head that I should make a simpler Jetpack plugin for years.

      There’s a few other reasons. Some of the modules co-operate with others. For example, by default the projects post type displays has related posts enabled.

      And the new, free, theme I am working on supports every single one of the features. I have them all enabled on my personal site.

      And Jetpack.

      The plugin does not load any of the code unless the module is enabled.
      As seen here: https://github.com/BinaryMoon/wp-toolbelt/blob/master/index.php#L23-L43

      So apart from disk space the modules don’t take up any processing power if they aren’t turned on.


      • Ryan Hellyer

        I don’t like this approach at all.

        Have you considered unhooking them where possible, storing them in separate repositories and simply have the big super plugin there to combine them together?

        This would allow people to use the individual components, without having to install the rest of them.


      • Ben

        Hey Ryan – sorry to hear you don’t like the approach I am taking.

        I have not considered splitting the project up into smaller repositories. It’s an interesting idea, and probably possible, but it’s a lot easier for me to manage one thing. I’d need to have loads of instances of my gulp scripts, and npm packages and whatnot. This just seems a lot simpler, and that’s what I like.

        The project is GPL though and I wouldn’t have a problem with someone taking out the bits they like and making their own thing with it.


      • Tomas M.

        One of the implications of all-in plugins is the security of site – code should not be active to be exploited, it is enough it’s there, sitting in dormant mode.

        That’s why it would be a better approach to have plugin shell with the ability to download the parts you want to use.

        Thank you!


  8. Andre

    Hi Ben. I am definitely interested in testing this out as I built themes; just installed it on one now to try it out. There is one very important module missing though (unless I missed it somehow), is the ability to publish widgets on select pages/posts/taxonomies, etc. Jetpack has the Widget Visibility, although it’s not 100% and for one part.

    I will add additional comments to github for it.

    Looks promising though!


  9. Mario

    Ben, would you advise using your plugin with Jetpack, replacing just a few features of the latter? I’m interested in testing just the Related Posts and the Static social sharing features, at the moment.



    • Ben

      Hi Mario

      I am currently running Jetpack and Toolbelt together. They work together just fine.

      I hope to eventually replace all the Jetpack features I use with Toolbelt so I can remove Jetpack, but that will probably take quite a while.


  10. Zaman Ch

    Optimization matters a lot!

    As much as I like being able to optimize things, there’s always limits to what should be available.

    Why? I mean, I get your point where people need to understand that Jetpack was slowing their websites down and with Toolbelt features that they provide modules to use as an optimized plugin. Optimization is choices, not options. And I agree with that.

    However I want to say “Congratulations to you on taking this excellent initiative and successful launch of the plugin”.


  11. Marcus Tibesar

    Take that Jetpack!


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