Beginners Guide To Customizing WordPress

pcworldlogo PC World out of the UK has published a three page guide aimed at beginners to help them begin customizing their WordPress powered site. The guide covers everything from plugins to themes while even providing a few tips on customizing the look of Kubrick. Just ignore the part where he says the latest release of WordPress is 2.7 and remember it’s 2.8.1.

This guide actually had me thinking that it’s a good outline for my presentation idea regarding WordPress for beginners and what they should know. Would you agree?


2 responses to “Beginners Guide To Customizing WordPress”

  1. Well, the beginner part is right, for sure. I’m not sure there’s much value there for anyone who’s been using WordPress for longer than a few weeks/months.

  2. @Chip Bennett – Yes, this is truly for the very beginner of WordPress. Every now and then I like to point people to these places since I never know might be reading or coming across the site. I rarely publish stuff for new WordPress users here.

    With regards to my presentation regarding what new WordPress users should know when they get their feet wet, does this article sound like a winner in terms of what I should cover or you think I could go a little more in depth?


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