1. slaFFik

    This should be in the core. imo.


  2. jonathantigerton

    Thank you Sarah for the great review. When I developed this I never thought it’d be recognized amongst all the great plugins :) I want to acknowledge Tom Mcfarlin (creator or wordpress plugin boilerplate) who helped me out with the structure when I was in doubt.


  3. Thomas Clausen

    It looks very nice. But it’s too bad, that there are no support for regular post. And that it can’t be supported: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/posts-51?replies=4


  4. cfx

    Looks interesting, although I must say I’ve been tempted by a recent project to add this functionality without a plugin. Nice work though!


  5. Seyed Meeran

    i am getting 404 error when filtering the posts with two taxonomy values. (Ex. Resource Type and Resource Language )


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