TaxoPress Adds New AI Integrations for Generating Taxonomy Terms

TaxoPress, a plugin that allows users to create and manage Tags, Categories, and taxonomy terms, has joined a growing number of WordPress products using AI to innovate and enhance user experience. The latest release adds support for OpenAI and IBM Watson to auto-detect the best taxonomy terms for content.

“Honestly, I’m amazed how good these services are,” TaxoPress founder Steve Burge said. “For a long time, TaxoPress supported Dandelion and also LSEG / Refinitiv. These services are from a previous generation of AI tools. They could scan your content and suggest taxonomy terms. They support a couple of languages and have some options.

“In comparison, I’m blown away with the potential of these new services, particularly OpenAI.”

This first version of TaxoPress AI also introduces an updated metabox on the post editing screen with options to manage post terms, suggest existing terms, and connect to external AI services for scanning content and suggesting terms. The AI features are only available in TaxoPress Pro.

The inclusion of OpenAI and IBM Watson expands support to nearly two dozen different languages. Users can test different services to see which one produces the best terms for the content.

AI-based auto-tagging is an exciting new way to enhance an otherwise conventional, established utility plugin. It introduces a bit of magic that produces better results with a far wider reach into the world’s languages.

Burge said TaxoPress will soon be adding more AI features for categorizing WordPress content and will focus on enabling more tools that are available through OpenAI and IBM Watson.


One response to “TaxoPress Adds New AI Integrations for Generating Taxonomy Terms”

  1. (TaxoPress team member here)

    Thanks so much for covering this, Sarah.

    We’ve worked with the previous generation of “AI” tools before. Until digging deeply into OpenAI and IBM Watson, I didn’t realize what a leap ahead these tools are. I guess the hype seemed over-blown.

    I tested OpenAI with just about every language I could find. It was able to suggest tags for Innu-Aimûn (from Canada), Dzongkha (from Bhutan), Farefare (from Ghana) and even Gothic (from 1500 years ago).

    I can’t speak to how good these new tools are in other areas like coding, math, image generation etc. But these tool’s language ability is shocking.

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