1. mac2net

    OK, I’m sorry but this really doesn’t do anything different than skipping over to Generate WP and doing this directly through code.


  2. jurajsimJuraj

    Can you post here some demo or example page that uses this plugin?


  3. Zaantar

    Same can be achieved very easily with the Types plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/types/), and in addition to that you can modify this custom post type configuration for your special needs. It’s also possible to export/import your settings…


  4. Scott Hartley

    I also recommend people look into hierarchy its a free plugin that helps clean up the admin board by taking all custom post types and placing them in one menu item labeled Content. Makes it a lot easier to navigate and it looks a lot better on your admin board.


  5. Paolo

    I recommend to also look into the plugin we are developing to create documentation. Codex Creator: (https://github.com/NomadDevs/codex_creator). It creates a codex of plugins (and soon to be themes) from DocBlocks. It scans the selected plugin and builds a post (in the custom post type codex) for each file, function, action and filter that looks very similar to the official WordPress Codex. Currently in Alpha stage, issues and pull requests are welcome! :)
    Introduction video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ8hUHwWAWM


    • Sarah Gooding

      Paolo – Looks like an interesting project. Let me know when it’s out of alpha stage and we’ll give it a try. :)


    • paaljoachim

      I have been looking for good documentation plugins in which I can create logical sections for my tutorials. A docs kind of page. For instance Getting started – Plugins – SEO – Local Development – Menus etc etc to where the user can enter a section and get a list with or without a featured image of available tutorials within the selected section. Having some good UI for adjusting how the docs/index/section page is to look with a nice widget to have in the sidebar.

      For me this would be having another category called docs or something like that users can enter and see the sections. Finding a way to give the option for the user to go to the docs page in addition to selecting various post categories to check out.

      It would be nice if I can either use the existing posts material or/and use a custom post doc type for this.

      There are a lot of sites that could use a kind of library that is easy to check out having logical sections for posts that cover various topics. As one could just enter into a specific topic section and see what posts are available.


  6. Paolo

    Hi Sarah,

    we will release it on the WordPress Plugin Repository as soon as its ready and we will let you know for sure.

    Thank you!


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