1. Martin

    Great move in the right direction for BBPress!


  2. Ryan

    I assume Matt is just squatting on that plugin folder so nobody snavvles it before him.

    EDIT: I take that back. It looks like there is something under construction in there. It looks like the majority of bbPress dumped inside a plugin with a few modifications made. I assume it doesn’t do anything useful yet, but interesting to see there’s some sort of development gone on already for it.


  3. Nicolas

    Is this going to be a full feature bbPress Plugin for a regular WP install or will it just pull information seemingly from a bbPress install on your server run separately?


  4. Glenn

    Does anyone know when the plugin will be released?


  5. Jenny

    Iuno, I think I liked the whole separate thing better. I have it installed on my site in it’s own folder and it’s kind of nicer that way (for me anyway). But I’ll check out the plugin when it’s ready.


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