bbPress Now Has An Official Plugin

The chat logs from the latest bbPress developers chat are online and there is some exciting news to come out of the meeting. bbPress now has a official plugin on the repository albeit it’s not down-loadable just yet. If anyone was thinking bbPress would make for a good core plugin, you’re not alone. However, the focus is on improving the current stable version by fixing bugs and adding a few features for 1.1. Thoughts about bbPress as a core plugin have been postponed to after the release of 1.1. Filosofo was granted committ access to the bbPress SVN and has applied his patch for anonymous posting.


5 responses to “bbPress Now Has An Official Plugin”

  1. I assume Matt is just squatting on that plugin folder so nobody snavvles it before him.

    EDIT: I take that back. It looks like there is something under construction in there. It looks like the majority of bbPress dumped inside a plugin with a few modifications made. I assume it doesn’t do anything useful yet, but interesting to see there’s some sort of development gone on already for it.


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