1. _ck_

    Note that “bbPress 1.2” is an entirely different program than all previous versions of bbPress. It will contain very little code from bbPress 1.1

    They simply hijacked the name because, well because Matt can just say so on a whim and abandon the 10k+ existing users.

    I’ve asked repeatedly for a name change or at least calling it 2.0 instead of 1.2 because of the massive differences and how no existing themes/plugins will be compatible, but it doesn’t look like they are even going to honor that.

    So when you say they are “getting a divorce” keep in mind it’s not even the same entity, as confusing as that is.


  2. Chip Bennett


    That doesn’t really surprise you, does it?

    In my case, honestly, as long as they provide a smooth export/import of forum data, I’ll be happy. My forum isn’t huge right now – although it’s suffering from lack of maintenance. I’ve held off on any changes to the code, Theme, or anything else until the bbPress-as-plugin is released. (Why bother, at this point?)


  3. Douwe

    “no existing themes/plugins will be compatible,”

    That is something to talk about: I am glad you tell this in the comments, because this wouldn’t have been clear to me at all from just reading the post.

    A rather shocking way of dealing with all current users, if I may say so…

    Still I am very happy about this on the other hand, since the BBpress version inside of Buddypress was crippled, to say the least…


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