1. Kevinjohn Gallagher

    From first commit to release, bbPress took: 436 days or 1 year, 2 months, 9 days or 62 weeks (pick a format you like)

    436 days for a WordPress plug-in that already had it’s functionality defined, and had a paid for full-time developer? Just to give us the same functionality that we already had, but slightly less scalability?!

    I like the new plug-in for my smaller sites I’ll probably flip them over the the plug-in over the original forum in the next few months, and JJJ has done some truly great work on it, but I’m still somewhat amazed by how much Kool-Aid drinking went on in regard to this project.


  2. Carl Hancock

    You can’t browse and install bbPress plugins because the existing bbPress plugins don’t work with bbPress 2.0 and there won’t be a bbPress plugin repository for the new version because it is a WordPress plugin now.

    Any bbPress enhancement plugins are now simply going to be WordPress plugins you install from the main WordPress plugin installer that enhance bbPress.

    So you can browse and install bbPress enhancements right now by browsing the WordPress.org plugin repository via the WordPress plugin installer. But there probably isn’t any available yet since it’s so new.


  3. Rev. Voodoo

    @Carl Hancock – Took the words right outta my mouth! JJJ had a thread going on bbPress.org forums, the bbPress repo is for 1.x plugins. WPs official plugin repo is for 2.x compatible. There are already several plugins available there, and more showing up all the time!


  4. _ck_

    Remember it’s not actually “bbPress”, it’s an entirely different program, actually a very large plugin that runs under WordPress. They kept the name and mashed up the support website with both programs for some reason that cannot be comprehended, and will keep people confused for a few years to come.

    I cannot stress this enough – if you are crazy enough to abandon the standalone version, be sure to backup EVERYTHING before you change to this wordpress plugin. Not just the database but also all the core and plugins etc. – you will definitely regret not doing so afterwards.

    None of my plugins will work with the bbpress “2.0” version (and never will for what it’s worth).

    Also if you understand technical issues, imagine a single database table that holds not just every wordpress post but every topic and post from the forum side and the technical issues this causes with mysql locking tables for certain operations (writes, etc.) Large sites should take heed at that core concept.

    So in a nutshell:

    bbPress 0.7-0.9 standalone – standalone, super-fast and fixes some important legacy core problem that wordpress had as Matt gets a chance at a “do-over”

    bbPress 1.0-1.1 standalone – Matt changes his mind on a whim and decides to have them rip out the WordPress core to make backPress which will then power bbPress by ripping out the core functions in bbPress – but it adds an extra layer of “communications” between the two so bbPress 1.x is 50% slower than 0.9

    (Sam Bauers leaves Automattic/bbPress at this point, so bbPress is in trouble)

    Then Matt changes his mind again on a whim and decides WordPress core will never change and never be standalone so backPress is essentially dead in the water despite all the effort put into it, and converting bbPress to use it

    bbPress 2.0 – a WordPress plugin written from scratch but keeping the same name as the standalone version, essentially so buddyPress can have forums without having to use the standalone version, regardless of the massive performance hit


  5. shawn

    I’d love to hear more about the potential mysql problems with large tables like this and any possible solutions if anyone has any.

    I’ve used the converter in order to switch my vbulletin forums over to bbpress and so far so good. It was not a large forum ’30k members 300k posts’, but it was large enough to get a general idea about whether or not it would work.

    I am NOT a server admin so I can’t talk ‘techy’ about how my site is doing other than to say that I do not notice any difference in speed between the vb install and my bbpress install.

    I am NOT yet using any type of caching scripts and I have not optimized mysql in any way. This is a straight out of the box Debian install.

    The only metrics I do know is that my server load is the same, and I have no problem handling hundreds of concurrent users. Of course this is a dedicated colo server with plenty of resources. *We have not yet gone live with the bbpress forums install, still testing everything and writing custom theme/plugins*

    I do have friends that run forums with posts numbering in the millions. I do not believe they have yet tried a conversion, nor do I think they will.

    The converter plugin should be available early next week for anyone that wants to try it out. *STRONGLY SUGGEST BACKING UP YOUR DB* I have already sent Jeffro a twitter link to the download.

    **A 2nd/3rd/4th set of eyes on the plugin code would be greatly appreciated!


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