Awesome Motive Acquires Thrive Themes

Awesome Motive has acquired Thrive Themes, its second acquisition of 2023 following the Duplicator plugin deal that was announced earlier this month.

Thrive’s premium plugin suite reports more than 200,000 users. This includes Thrive Architect, a visual drag and drop page builder, an LMS course builder, and other marketing-focused plugins for generating leads, creating quizzes and testimonials, and doing A/B testing.

In 2013, Thrive Themes co-founders Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy began their company with early products Hybrid Connect, Viral Quiz Builder, and WP Sharely. Ten years later the product suite has grown to nearly a dozen conversion-focused tools that Thrive Themes sells for $299/year.

Although the co-founders will not be joining Awesome Motive, the team that is currently maintaining and supporting the plugin is being acquired. In the Thrive Themes announcement, Melaugh said the company’s products will not be rebranded or replaced. No price hikes are planned for existing customers and Awesome Motive plans to honor legacy memberships.

“It has always been our policy to reward loyal customers and that will not change,” Melaugh said.

“I’ve been watching Thrive Themes from the sidelines for a long time anyway. So my stepping away changes nothing on that front.

“It will still be the same people building the products, and the roadmap we laid out for 2023 and beyond won’t change because of this acquisition.”


10 responses to “Awesome Motive Acquires Thrive Themes”

  1. So much consolidation in WordPress is very very bad. Orignal products founders come with a Vision which gets lost in take overs. We have so much talent quitting WordPress lately and new talent does not want to enter WordPress. No body wants to learn WordPress. I have a feeling that Gutenberg

  2. I’m not a fan of what is happening here; however, I think people sell their plugins to firms like Awesomotive because users just don’t support individual plugin developers’ pro versions as much as they should….then get on the support forums and ask a billion questions and rate 1 star because of some silly thing. It’s worth cashing out to someone who has the weight and distribution to sell much more pro licenses given the current user-developer environment.’s plugin folks don’t make it any easier and seem to push hard on the make everything free philosophy.

  3. It is hard to take seriously anyone who says this about a company like awesome motive:

    “We also share one key value: putting people first.”

    As other commenters have already said, this should get interesting when ads are pushed to the public side of a WordPress site without another ransom payment.

    Good WordPress pros don’t let clients use awesome motive products.

  4. This is great news! It’s exciting to see Awesome Motive continuing to expand their portfolio of WordPress products and services. Thrive Themes is a great addition to their offerings and will no doubt create more opportunities for WordPress users to become successful online. Congratulations to both companies on this successful acquisition!

    • How exactly are they “more opportunities for WordPress users to become successful online” through this acquisition? They didn’t actually create a new product. They just acquired one that was already available to WordPress users. And then they doubled the price. I would say that through this acquisition, they have made it more difficult for WordPress users to become successful online by increasing the barrier to entry. $300 maybe not be much for some users in developed countries but for others, it is a small fortune.

  5. They have just announced they are stopping all recurring commissions for affiliates, including existing sales.

    So if you earn $1,000/m on a recurring basis as a Thrive affiliate next month, you earn nothing.

    Absolutely shocking.


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