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    WordCamp Malaysia was a huge success and would like to once again thank Naoko for attending and providing our keynote speech, especially since it was her birthday. For more information on what happened at WordCamp Malaysia 2010, or to see some of the presentations, we’d suggest looking at:

    David Wang’s presentation on Theme Frameworks – http://ur1.my/sx
    Aziatto’s presentation on Starting WordPress Plugin Development – http://ur1.my/sy
    Jimmy Ngu’s presentation on Geo-Tagging with BuddyPress – http://ur1.my/sc
    Terminal Junkie’s Retrospect – http://ur1.my/sw
    NI-Limits Retrospect – http://ur1.my/sd


  2. ThePremiumPress

    Sorry Jeff – I think I posted twice, as there was no indication the first post had gone through.

    Our bad – please delete as necessary! :-)


  3. ThePremiumPress

    Maybe not – was trying to post 5 links to presentations and information regarding WordCamp Malaysia 2010, as well as wanting to thank Naoko for spending her birthday with us here in Malaysia at the event. Do you have a system in place that prevents the posting of links? How many is considered SPAMMY …?


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