1. Zi Yang

    Is Automattic just shutting down the SFO office for good? Or do they have plans to relocate to a cheaper area in the west coast?

    Phoenix, AZ is not a bad place :)


  2. Anne H

    Sorry to hear this but understand the economics, especially if they own the space. I’ve attended various SF WordPress meetups in the space.

    I wonder if the company until the building is sold, could rent out space like a WeWork but just for WordPress folks. Not sure if there is demand or the regulations involved. Just a thought as someone who commutes from the Peninsula a couple times a month and looks for a safe place to work while waiting for meetings.


  3. Mike Hatcher


    Pedantic Police here :-)

    At the bottom of your article you said, “One in Cape Town, Africa”. While not technically incorrect, it’s a bit like saying San Francisco, North America or Berlin, Europe. You should rather say, “Cape Town, South Africa”. The way you have it now reinforces the misconception that Africa is a country instead of a continent.

    Feel free to ignore me and do something more important with your life :-)


  4. Michael

    Why did Matt even begin to imagine needing all that space and buying that property instead of leasing it, at least until he got his plans together? Was the distributed network of employees an accident? And why not lease it now that it’s bought and fully renovated instead of selling it outright? Is this his decision or his board’s? So many questions with this guy that are never answered…


  5. Shannon Dunn

    The WPSFO Meetup has enjoyed using the space as our primary meeting location and we’ll miss it for sure. While it’s a beautiful space and it’s been great to meet there, it is giant and swallows up our groups of 20-50 people.

    If you’re in the area, we are having at least one more meetup at Automattic on May 10@7pm (https://www.meetup.com/wordpress-sf/events/231396590). It’s a great chance to experience the space before it’s gone.

    And big thanks to Allyson Klein, the Automattic Lounge and Events Manager. She has made hosting there an easy thing.


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