1. kim

    “It effectively communicates the stark contrast between the limitations and restrictions of social media silos and the freedom of owning your website.”

    It fails to mention the fact that most websites don’t get seen by any significant amount of people without help from these “smog filled metropolises with people arguing in bars” as well.

    But then again, Automattic is in the business of selling people websites, not using to them sell advertising, eh?


  2. Cor

    Perhaps I’m completely misunderstanding the take, but didn’t React basically go open source because of WordPress?
    Instead of reflecting the web’s 30th birthday, perhaps WordPress should buy a mirror. Or join against Article 13 the 21st of March.

    At Facebook I’m able to see, edit (lol at the WordPress’ installation page) and/or delete all of my history.
    I’m able to edit my vanity URL. I’m able to disable any 3rd party services. And every screen is consistently designed and build mobile and accessibility first.


    • Peter Shaw

      But websites are not social networks, although they could be.

      The activitypub and Indieweb communities have working prototypes and a path forward. Unfortunately though, the support from the mainstream WordPress community has been negligible.


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