1. Bartosz Arendt

    Good news Automattic is expanding. But if they’re going to use Babble as WordPress default way of handling multilingual content this will be the biggest mistake in WP development history.


    • Chris

      Why ?


      • Bartosz Arendt

        Because WordPress requires something more than another tool that mimics multilingual capability.

        I’ve done dozens of multilingual sites and online stores with WPML and Polylang and started using WP as a multilingual application platform. My impressions on Babble? It’s nice in terms of development quality, code cleanup etc. but I wouldn’t use it in any WP based project. The UI and workflow it proposes may be good for blogs, small sites, for someone who treats multilingual capability as yet another feature.

        But this is not a feature. It’s a more general problem WordPress is having since it’s beginning – it was not designed to be multilingual. Babble is just another plugin trying to fix that using tricks (a translation job post type).

        While WordPress needs to be re-thinked in the multilingual context at the database and core level.


  2. Rhys

    Woo! Well done to the CFTP, an absolutely fantastic team.


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