1. Otto

    Image recognition is tricky and that sort of looks like a water drop shape. Google image search only gives “shadow”, so, not terrible as long as you don’t automate it.


  2. Stefan

    The line at the end sums up the whole article: “automatically rename ugly image file names and create fairly accurate alt tags”


  3. Julien Maury

    Thomas is a skilled developer, I’m sure he’ll appreciate your feedback. Pretty cool that someone took the time to bring this technology to WordPress. Inspiring for the ecosytem.


  4. alexbeglov1989

    Another very important point on SEO is the optimization and compression of images on the site. Here is an interesting article on this topic: https://optipic.io/en/blog/images-seo-optimization/


  5. Pranav Kulkarni

    Thanks a lot. This will save a lot of time.


  6. Chuck Reynolds

    but there’s no such thing as “image alt tags”… alt is an attribute of an image tag. It’s important to keep things accurate so people learn properly.


  7. Thomas

    Thank you very much for this article!
    In any case, we will continue to improve the plugin always with a view to optimizing the SEO of images as a whole:)



    An alt tag is good for image SEO but I want to know what if I do not have created an image sitemap.


    • Thomas

      Hi :)
      It is not necessary to have an image sitemap. It is only necessary if you want to index your images more quickly.

      If ever, it’s something we want to propose soon on the plugin:)


  9. Haseeb Ahmad

    I thought it would be free. ugh!

    Quite useful btw, gonna buy in future.


  10. Seo Khazana

    I Have a question about This Imageseo Plugin. I Just want to ask that will it work on all wp Themes or work with a special theme?


  11. Kristian

    Honestly, the best part is “this tool can eat up a ton of image credits”


  12. Colin Newcomer

    Automatic Alternative Text is a neat free option that can do the alt text part using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Computer Vision API. Pretty cool plugin and Microsoft gives you a ton of free usage. The plugin itself is totally free – you just might need to pay Microsoft depending on your volume.


  13. Jon Dingman

    An alternative is to use a plugin like Classifai. I’ve been using it for the last few months and have been extremely happy with the results, even on the free tier with IBM Watson.


    It can automatically pull concepts, tags, keywords, categories, for text and images. It’s very powerful.


  14. Anh Tran

    Our team have developed a similar solution for auto generating alt text for images from the image title.

    Personally, I think if entering alt text manually is always better. The result of AI-generated is not always accurate.


  15. Samrat

    Thank you for introducing this plugin! It’s true, with WordPress growing every single day, the potential is immense for new players to come into the market with some great products. For e.g, I had used this https://epitrove.com/item/bialty-wordpress-image-alt-text-plugin-by-pagup/
    And, for automatically adding alt text to images this is an excellent plugin! But, imageseo looks more promising!


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