1. Orhan Tolu

    I wonder what will happen with the Atomic Blocks theme?


  2. Aaron

    Locking users into WPEngine hosting – smart move. Sucks for anyone invested in Atomic waiting for new features though.


    • Bianca

      That’s not what is happening here. Both Genesis Blocks and Genesis Pro can be used without WPEngine hosting.

      I believe it’s more like people who do host on WPEngine get a more streamlined experience with the Genesis Pro blocks available as an add-on.

      Do they hope to get more business with this approach? Probably, but I don’t see this as wrong, persé. In my experience so far they are not the dashboard taking over spamming kind of company.


  3. Marcus Tibesar

    Darn! It’s time to immediately remove the Atomic Blocks plugin from my website. Thank you for the heads up Sarah.

    I pledge going forward that I will only use core WP block plugins! I just don’t like these types of surprises and their associated moving goalposts.

    Now, if I can only find that plugin that identifies where a block plugin is used throughout a website…


    • Marcus Tibesar

      In case anyone is interested, the “Find My Blocks” plugin is the plugin I was looking for. Many thanks to Justin for writing about this plugin and to Eddy Sims the plugin author.


  4. Anh Tran

    I see they release Genesis Blocks on .org. I wonder why don’t they change the name of Atomic Blocks and keep the old slug.


    • Kaspars

      I was wondering about the same thing — why is the plugin slug on .ORG that important to have everyone go through the migration path. Looks like the block namespace has been changed to genesis-blocks so they need to search and replace all instances of the previous atomic-blocks namespace.


    • Jeffrey Carandang

      I have the same issue with my EditorsKit plugin. Unfortunately, the slug would be the plugin’s folder name and text domain. It would probably be more confusing keeping atomic-blocks as the folder name under /plugins.


  5. Matt Mullenweg

    We really need to figure out a way for slugs to update and migrate cleanly.


  6. Mike McAlister

    As mentioned, the slug and URL on .org would have to remain atomic-blocks while the public facing name of the plugin would be Genesis Blocks. This would be confusing for users, especially as the plugin grows over the years. Not to mention juggling two product names internally. It’s not ideal, but long term it was the right move.


    • Marcus Tibesar

      Hey Mike – who gave you authority to replace my standard GB Button block with your Atomic Blocks AB-Button Block? For months now, I have been selecting the “Button” block thinking it was the standard GB button block, but discovered this evening, it is actually your AB-Button block.

      I checked all the Atomic Blocks, and you have indeed removed the prefix AB from all of your block names. This is REALLY confusing. Now I have unintentionally inserted Atomic Blocks buttons all over my site.

      NOT HAPPY!


  7. Marcus Tibesar

    When did Atomic Blocks remove the “AB” prefix from their block names?

    I have been using the Button block for months now only to discover that I’m actually using the Atomic Blocks button block!

    I am so upset. I can no longer find the standard GB button block. Did Atomic Blocks remove or replace the standard GB Button block with their AB-Button block?

    Who gave Atomic Blocks authority to name their button block “Button” which is suppose to be the name for the GB Button block?

    What am I missing here?


    • Justin Tadlock

      Just noting that Gutenberg/WordPress removed the Button block. Or, at least you can no longer add it by itself. Instead, you have to use the newer Buttons block, which will allow you to add one or more buttons. I’m not a big fan of how this works. Button should be available outside of Buttons.


      • Marcus Tibesar

        So let me get this straight, please. WordPress removed the Button block, and then Atomic Blocks/WPEngine renamed their AB-Button block to Button.

        Thank you for letting me know Justin.

        WPEngine, this is sneaky, and you should be ashamed of yourself! You misled the entire Atomic Blocks Plugin users when you removed the “AB-” prefix from your Atomic Block names! Now I have unintentionally scattered your blocks throughout my site.

        Come hell or high water, I will remove Atomic Blocks, and never associate with WPEngine in any way!

        Thank you Justin for clearing this up.


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