1. Aris Kuckovic

    As a Genesis fan, I can’t wait to test this out!
    I like that they didn’t “rush into it”, but rather took their time, and evaluated all decisions. It’s easy to jump in head first – but more often than not, you’ll fail.

    // Aris


  2. About StudioPress

    The weird thing about genesis is that it was a minimalist portfolio of themes with bloated code. Some really weird hybrid of a clean face and a messy internals. Hopefully they’ve learned not to push bloated code anymore as Web Core Vitals are becoming a ranking factor in 2021.


  3. Joseph Quinn

    This looks interesting. I’m glad a company like studiopress is leading the way towards the next step in block evolution.

    Can you post a link to the beta version of the blocks plugin? I would like to do some testing.


  4. Steven Gliebe

    I see what SP/WPE are doing with Genesis Block Theme and Genesis Blocks Pro as the “easy” (that is, native) alternative to page builder plugins like Divi and Elementor. Those are nice for regular users to edit after a site’s already been assembled for them but pretty overwhelming for working from scratch. A good FSE theme coupled with a variety-pack block plugin from the same maker and something like Collections ought to make for easy and flexible WP sites in the future. Pretty excited, but we’ll have to see what the result is.


  5. Steve Weber

    I like this direction. I like using blocks. If successful, I don’t see how page editor plugins will survive … the will be obsolete.


  6. Nitin Dabas

    Being a Genesis fan, it’s my next checklist item as it looks interesting. It is the first theme that I used on my blog and truly appreciable.


  7. AleRonchi

    Genesis is always awesome, and with the addition of the genesis blocks replacing atomicblocks it’s even better as they’ll throw other blocks as well.
    I am using it with the Sample Theme and also with Navigation Pro and I am finding it very well, better than themes developed by third parties that work on snippets and that although are still on sale (like Mai Law and Mai Lifestyle themes), theirs developers themselves have already announced that they will no longer be updated as they too have started developing themes just like Gutemberg.


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