1. Jesse

    TL;DR = WP Engine is the new GoDaddy.

    Any services who get acquired by these corps seem to perform mental gymnastics to explain/justify the acquisition…

    At least all the “bloat” in WP’s ecosystem is being consolidated.

    It will be interesting to watch Automattic’s relationship with WP Engine as the future unfolds…


  2. Bob

    Personally I find this dissapointing.

    Array Themes produce the best looking and best engineered themes on the market. I use them as the basis for most of sites. When I need to create a child theme I usually create one based on a theme from the Array collection.

    With the team subsumed by Studiopress there will be no new themes from Array.

    Array have offered there lifetime customers access to Studiopress themes.

    However, I personally find this unsatisfactory. Studiopress themes all use the Genesis framework as their base. And I simply don’t like working with Genesis. Their developer documentation is sparse and inadequate. And having to create functions for simple things that would otherwise just require template overrides is a pointless time-sink. Once a project gets to a certain level of complexity Genesis themes simply aren’t a practical choice.

    I’ve been hoping for a new theme shop or two that produces themes as beautifully designed and built as Array Themes. Guess I’ll keep hoping.


    • Mike McAlister

      Hey Bob,

      Thanks for the kind words about the Array collection. You’re free to continue using your Array themes for starting new projects. Although we won’t be releasing any new themes under the Array brand, we will be providing bug fixes as needed via support.

      There is a lot of change happening right now in the WordPress ecosystem, and the same is true with Genesis and StudioPress. We’re taking the feedback we’re collecting from developers and users (we just had a huge user survey) and we’re using that to both refine existing parts of Genesis (including documentation) as well as using it to shape the future of theming with Genesis and StudioPress themes.

      Hopefully the need for template overrides becomes less critical as this new era of blocks is introduced. Personally, I think WordPress is moving in a direction where that is true. That puts the power of site-building in your hands, right inside the editor.

      Although the Array theme collection is going away, the ethos with which I built that theme collection isn’t going anywhere. I know my teammates at WP Engine and StudioPress share that vision, which is why I joined them in the first place. Stay tuned, I think your previous experiences will be challenged in a very positive way.


  3. Marcus Tibesar

    We love Array Theme! Since the Array Themes are being sunset and are not going to be converted to the Genesis Framework, we wish Michael and John all the luck in improving the quality of the StudioPress themes.

    Array Themes has been Quality over Quantity while we perceive StudioPress as Quantity over Quality.

    Generally, mergers don’t go well but we are optimistic Michael and John will be impactive in turning out better StudioPress products.

    These days the Drupal websites seem to be so much better than WordPress so we are asking WP Engine to up their design game considerably!


  4. Ryan

    McAlister’s post only vaguely mentions a “discount” being offered by WPEngine, with no actual details or links.


    • Mike McAlister

      Hey Ryan,

      We’ll be emailing customers this week with a follow up about the discounts they are receiving since they are specific to the type of membership they had on the site.


  5. Dave

    Can’t say this enough: if you build custom stuff, start from your own custom theme rather then complain if the next theme company is being acquired. It’s THE best advice i’ve ever toke on after the same thing happened to me as an early adopter for WooThemes.


  6. David Morgan

    Congrats on the acquisition Mike! I’ve always loved your theme designs, and often looked to them to get inspired. I hope your design talents don’t get stifled in a more corporate environment. Best of luck!


  7. Ant Ekşiler

    Congrats Mike :)


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