Approve, Delete, Spam – How Do You Treat Specific Comments?

commentstuffAlex Denning over at has a poll running right now that asks the question, What Comment Types Do You Approve? I’ve taken notice of the different way I handle comments now a days. There are a few things that come into play regarding whether I approve, delete, or spam a comment. First is the content. This is usually a give in and easy to tell whether it’s legitimate or not. The second is the URL. One thing I’ve started doing to combat human spammers who publish semi relevant material in order to get their URL across is to de-link them, then publish their content. I love doing this as it’s like laughing in their face. Third is the type of mood I’m in. Usually, I’ll just delete comments with URL’s I don’t want on this blog. Other times, I’ll mark them as spam. However, one thing I don’t do anymore is mark EVERYTHING as spam.

I’m at this stage of my blogging cycle that bumping up the comment count is something I’m not interested in doing anymore. I still get excited though when I receive new legitimate comments, especially from folks who hang around this area of the web and especially from new comers. If something doesn’t have comments, then so be it. I’ll move on to the next item and see what becomes of it.


9 responses to “Approve, Delete, Spam – How Do You Treat Specific Comments?”

  1. The human spammers have definitely increased a lot over the past few months, and I’ve had a similar change in how I handle comments. In fact, I’ve been doing pretty similar to what you do. Removing URL’s, updating the name (if the email address shows a real name), etc.

    What I don’t understand is why people bother. Are they hoping for click-throughs from human readers of the comments? None of my sites do the whole DoFollow thing, so there is no SEO value for them to leave these comments on any of my websites….

  2. matt mcinvale:
    you seem to know much about this subject, please write more.

    See now, I’d mark that as spam. The comment doesn’t use correct capitalization or grammer, it doesn’t contribute back to topic of the post, and it doesn’t correctly address the post. These thing together make me wonder what the commenter was thinking. This comment could almost apply to any of Jeff’s comments. Further more, the comment makes it sound like Jeff is knowledgeable in comment handling, based solely on this one post, but this post gives a personal take on how comments on handled by Jeff, not how to correctly handle comment moderation… i.e. you can’t be knowledgeable in an opinion per se. Now I’m not trying to say that Jeff is bad at comment moderation, but rather that there isn’t a large learning curve were you’d note that someone is so much more knowledgeable in a non-technical task.

  3. @Dan Cole

    My comment was sarcasm based on all the recent junk/spam that has been being posted to some of the sites I support. They follow the same basic formula as my poor comment.

  4. I just delete anything that looks like spam or has a spam looking comment, email, link or name… I don’t waste my time editing them.

  5. @matt mcinvale – lol… now I’m the bad person at the party that explains all the jokes and runes the plot. I thought I’d seen other comments from you, but this was so far out there I got caught up in the moment of hating spam.

  6. @Kyle Eslick – I have no idea on why people bother. Maybe the people doing the human spamming are those who are part of Amazons Mechanical Turk program where for every successful comment link, they get 5 cents lol.

    @matt mcinvale – This is really funny because this is exactly the type of comment I would immediately just delete. I picked up on your sarcasm but Dan didn’t.

    @Martin – I never edit a spam comment. It’s either deletion, spam, or de-linking.

    @Dan Cole – Glad that’s been sorted. Just imagine the confusion if he would have used something like ‘Used Cars‘ as his name lol.

  7. de-link them, then publish their content. I love doing this as it’s like laughing in their face.

    Oh, I’m SO glad it’s not just me who does that. /evil laugh

    *applauds Matt*


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