1. nate Hoffelder

    I got tired of waiting for Automattic, and installed this plugin.

    It already does everything that Automattic’s plugin should be doing.


  2. Peter Knight

    We should be focussing on making websites work better and faster on mobile instead of inadvertently supporting an effort that allows one provider to discriminate while shaping the web in its favour.

    WP do better if the web is more open, diverse, independent and decentralized. I know it’s just an optional plugin but it encourages a situation in which if a site owner wants to stay independent and keep control over their users’ experience of their site they now are at a disadvantage as Google prioritises sites that opt in. This gives a tech giant even more influence at the expense of everything else.


  3. Matt

    AMP is a nice idea. In it’s current implementation it’s flawed and very limiting. Hopefully it stays a plugin for a long time. To me, Google AMP is much like Gutenberg (at this time) in that both only make sense in the context of a blog.

    I can see why Automattic has partnered on this though but I’m surprised that it took them this long. Promoting WordPress as a CMS (as well) isn’t a high priority project / popular concept these days for Automattic and seems to often play 2nd fiddle to promoting it as a blogging platform, adding blogging features, etc.


  4. Alec

    As Peter said, AMP is privatising the web in favour of a single company. AMP is really everything that WordPress is supposed to be against.

    Matt’s quotations are as if WordPress.org is no longer an advocate of freedom and the open web. Funny how we change as we age. It seems to me the WordPress community should worry less about our market share and more about our internal values if we wish to prosper in the long run.

    On the other hand, Adobe has done very well financially on roasting its customers alive and openly tricking us (hawking CS licenses knowing that in months they plan to force everyone into rented tools only), while Google and Facebook have done well with slowly boiling us (frogs) with nominally free services. Apple is back to their old tricks of proprietary ports and closed ecosystem software and has become the richest company in the world.

    It sounds a lot like “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”.

    PS. Our company has stopped doing business with both Adobe and Apple as we value open standards and freedom. And that’s strange to say as we built the business originally with their software and hardware. Eventually the short term brigand-like business tactics will catch up to both of those companies. They are enabling their future competitors. It will be fascinating to look back at WordPress’s evolution in ten years.


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