1. Eric Karkovack

    Whatever one wants to claim AMP is or isn’t, the idea that Google is going to give up control is delusional. It seems clear that everything they do is for their own benefit – not that of the web.


  2. Devin Walker

    Can this be the nail in the coffin for AMP? I really hope so. I keep seeing conflicting news about AMP and whether it’s truly dead or not. Personally, I’d like to see it go bye bye for good.


  3. Cramposaurus Hex

    Insert pretends to be surprised gif. AMP is one confusing mess and there is zero reason for any company other than Google to support it in the slightest. Looking at you, Automattic(ally in love with all Google products).


  4. Michael McGlynn

    Wait, Google is anti-competitive? yerkiddinright?


  5. Bastian

    I long for the day when AMP appears here: https://killedbygoogle.com/


  6. Norman Freeman

    Al least they have advisory committee, Most of Decision around WordPress are taken in dictatorship, the so called “Community” is just dominated by automatic employees


  7. Ryan Hellyer

    AMP should have been burned at the stake on arrival.


  8. Peter Shaw

    I got put on probation for leaving a review panning AMP as a concept (and the plugin in general), on the official AMP for WordPress plugin. Instigated I suspect by the Automattic crew.

    Everything I said is now true, hopefully Automattic will now wise up and kill the plugin and move wordpress away from this monster.


  9. Daniel James

    AMP is a threat to the open web, it’s as simple as that. Using it is simply giving up control of your website and letting Google decide what visitors see. It has never been about improving websites, because if it was then work would be done to help people actually improve their websites.

    All that AMP does is hide your website behind a version that Google created which is solely about producing impressions for ads it serves.


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