1. Tada Burke

    Haven’t used it yet. But I’m definitely interested why that devil-thing is smiling at me. Congrats to Pippin & Friends. They do great work!


  2. Dominykas

    Hats off to your hard work! Thanks for sharing the numbers.


  3. Chris Howard

    Use EDD and AffiliateWP and highly recommend them.

    “AffiliateWP’s success is an example of what’s possible in the WordPress product space with hard work, high quality code, and the right team”

    Although I 100% agree with this last sentence, I think the fourth and most important aspect is “working smart”. What’s the old expression… “Work smarter, not harder”?

    “Working smart” is a broad brush, but you can see it in all Pippin’s success. For AffiliateWP, that has been things like putting it on GitHub and other smart marketing.

    But for every AffiliateWPs there’s 50 PluginXs that are hardly used, even though the devs work hard and write solid code. (Usually they’re a team of one.)

    Pippin is a great and inspiring role model for WP devs, and we would all do well, like he has, to get smarter.

    Maybe if we asked ourselves each morning “What can I do today that’s smart?”


  4. Sven Lehnert

    I will follow the AffiliateWP’s business model and open the development to everyone willing to contribute! This blog post convinced me!

    I believe that our business model of a commercial core plugin and free extensions is the future as it gives you freedom and no hidden costs with every new functionality / extension you need ;)

    Let us find out how it works together! We have a great feeling in our team and welcome you all to contribute and become a part of the BuddyForms Team!

    Many thanks Sarah to give me the courage with this post to go this step. I thought about this long time already and you push me to do it.

    Thanks you!


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