1. Nick

    I’m still waiting on the web ring and page counter blocks.


  2. kristina ponting

    No, That time is gone!


  3. Michael Beckwith

    The Links Manager plugin is literally one line of code to enable, so that is going to be added in a future version.

    I definitely want to get the live preview in the editor working, but also wanted to get a working version in general handled as well, so this version with the link got put in place for version 1.0.0

    The images, just need to set an image on your link and WordPress internal handles the rest for you, nothing I need to change there.

    Loving the feedback and ideas and looking forward to how to potentially do a little more with this.


  4. David Skarjune

    Indeed, Link Manager was a key part of early WP architecture, not just for blogroll widgets, but as a central index of intelligent links for automation. That was a handy development strategy early on, and I maintained Link Manager on some sites for years after it was dropped.

    Now I no longer use Link Manager, good to know it’s still hidden in there, and at least that’s one aspect of WordPress ‘Architecture’ I do understand. ;-)


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