1. Kevin Muldoon

    Glad you like the theme Jeff.

    You made a good point about the admin sections being closed after saving. I’ll be honest, that’s not something I noticed during development. I’ve made a note to address this in a future version.

    With regards to plugins, unfortunately the more you customise a theme and give options to the user, the more likely the theme will clash with a plugin out there as you are adding functionality that some plugin out there does too. But it’s impossible to add functionality to a theme and be 100% certain that it won’t clash with a plugin because there are thousands out there and more are released every day. There doesn’t appear to be any problems with any major plugins though (apart from page navigation, which is built into the theme itself).


  2. Conorp

    Looks like a very interesting theme. Would love to try it out with a bit of a darker tone.


  3. Kevin Muldoon

    The theme is available in 10 colours. One of which is black :)


  4. Alex

    Great review Jeff!

    I ‘ve been using Tumblr for my personal blog but now want a lot more from a personal website. I would like to have pages and more control of the theme. Tumblr lets me do that, but it’s not flexible enough for me. As such, I want to move to WP and have been testing out a few premium themes on my self-hosted install. It looks like this one has everything I need. I’ll be looking at it closer.

    PS: one of those free licenses would really help :) – I’m in college and they just raised my fracking tuition!


  5. Lynn

    Just getting started and know VERY little. I would be blogging for a not for profit agency. Is there a problem with that? Looking at worldpress.com Seems to be the best available and I like that it can be customized. Obviously since we are a not for profit (services to sexual assault survivors…lots of kids being seen) a free license would be most helpful.


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