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If you’ve been too busy to spend some time playing around with the new menu system in the latest bleeding edge version of WordPress, WPEngineer has a couple of screenshots of the latest user interface that will be part of the 3.0 release for managing menus. A couple of the comments mentioned that based on the screenshots alone, it was clear that it would be difficult to scale. I’ve played around with the menus for a little bit and I was able to create five of them before the sixth menu forced the menu widget to the bottom of the screen. One of the only complaints I have with the system as it stands now is a cosmetic one. Since the menu addition widgets are on the left hand side and the menus are on the right, it looks totally different than most of the other pages throughout the administration page, especially the widget management page. It’s not a huge issue but I think it detracts away from the consistency of the back-end. Here are two screenshots showcasing what I mean.

5 Menus
Widgets Have A Sidebar Content Sidebar Layout

I suppose if the menu addition item sidebar were moved to the right, leaving the menus in the middle, it just might address the consistency factor. As for actually using the menus, I love the idea of not being limited to category or page links per menu. I can mix and match them as I please.

By the way, I’ve decided to add one more screenshot of what the WooNavigation system was like before it was hacked to death. There are some things that didn’t quite mesh with the surroundings such as the icons but just about everything else seemed native to me. I’ve not had the opportunity to use WooThemes version of the menu system but just from watching the video, it seems easy enough.

It will be interesting to see how the menu system will change either UI or functionality wise before the release of 3.0. I’m also looking forward to reading all the feedback around the menu system once it hits the public’s hands although many who upgrade right away may not even see the menu system until they upgrade their theme with the required functions.

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