1. Shreyo ..

    contact form 7 is a great plugin combined with really simple captcha plugin.


  2. Chris Finnegan

    Jim Wang mentioned Social Locker. Great for boosting social traffic which hides content to be unlocked with a social share. I’ve used it to give access to our WordPress security ebook download link and will use this plugin more in the near future.

    For plain old simplicity I love the GASP plugin, it massively reduces spam comments with a simple checkbox “tick if you are human”.

    I know thats 2 absolute favorite plugins, forgive me Jeff:)


  3. Keith Davis

    Hi Jeff
    “…your absolute, favorite plugin is that you can’t live without.”

    When I’m setting up client sites I have to have a contact form plugin so… contact form 7 would be the one for me.

    That reminds me that I should donate to this fabulous free plugin.


  4. Mayank Gupta

    * Gravity Forms
    * WordPress SEO
    * JetPack
    * Types
    * Advanced Custom Fields.


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