6 Alternatives To Akismet

If you’re worried about paying for Akismet in the future or are curious as to what some of the alternatives are, check out this plugin roundup via Themergency where Bradvin takes a look at six alternatives.


  1. Hey Jeffro,

    Thanks must go out to you for your “Is Akismet free” post, which inspired me to do my roundup post.



  2. Thank you for these. My site is being bombarded with tons of spam comments and it is really annoying but I am not excited to pay for Akismet.


  3. @Brad Vincent – Thanks for showing people the various alternatives that exist. Until forced to do other wise, I’ll be sticking with Akismet :)


  4. I’ve been using FV Antispam on my multi-site install and it’s impressively effective–enough so that I also installed it on a client’s site. It puts anything from bots right into the trash. It’s meant to work together with something like Akismet that can identify human-created spam, but it’s been quite sufficient on its own, because there are so few spam comments posted manually that moderating them isn’t terribly hard labor.

    On the other hand, for a business site, the $5 or $10/month that Akismet asks isn’t that much. Popular sites make more than that from AdSense in a day. So it’s not unreasonable for them to ask you to pay if you are making money from your site.


  5. I use a combo of Spam Karma and Bad Behavior, these take care of everything nicely. SK is now on Google Code, so not totally easy to install, but still the best I’ve used. Akismet, bleh.


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