WPKube Guide To Multiple Authors In WordPress

WPKube LogoJoe Flyan from WPKube has an excellent article online that talks about how to work with multiple authors in WordPress. The guide covers user roles and suggests numerous plugins to make it easier to collaborate. With the recent addition of Marcus Couch to this website, it’s the first time in the history of WPTavern that I’ve had more than one author contributing articles on a regular basis.

This multiple author section of WordPress is a whole new world for me and one I’m interested in learning about. Based on the post from WPKube, I plan on trying out the following plugins: Better Author Bio, WP Status Notifier, and possibly Edit Flow although at this stage, Edit Flow seems to be too much of what I don’t need with just one other contributor to the site. There is one other plugin I may experiment with called Co-Authors Plus. It allows me to assign an author to a post without having to create an additional user account.

What plugins do you use to make working with multiple authors easier?


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  1. Syed Balkhi says:

    I use Edit Flow even on single author sites mainly for its post status feature.

    I can write posts in advance and put them under Ready to Publish… Save ideas under Pitch, etc.

    Also the post notification feature that Edit Flow has is nice because it lets me know when a scheduled post is published.


  2. Jeffro says:

    @Syed Balkhi – I did read that Edit Flow had all those nice features but at the same time, I really only need the Post Status Notifier plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-status-notifier/ as of now. However, I have yet to see if that plugin notifies me if scheduled posts have been published. If not, then I guess I’ll have to use Edit Flow.


  3. We use Edit Flow, and have hosted over 200 individual authors. It’s meaty, but it’s easy to pick and choose which features you need. It’s not at all cumbersome on the back end, which is nice, and pretty rare for a plugin that does as much as EF.
    We send all our posts through a line of people, copy editors, fact checkers, formatting wizards, and the art director, and using Edit Flow’s custom post statuses keep us out of each other’s hair. Plus, it allows us to leave feedback for each other privately, or leave each other terrible puns no one else is subjected to, as the case may be. I use it in combination with a few other plugins to limit author access to the good parts of the dashboard, and to keep authors out of posts once the editing team has started in on them.
    Two authors are a lot easier to keep track of than 200, so it may be too much car for your site at the moment, but Edit Flow would make it easier to expand your writing crew in the future, should you chose to do so.
    Edit Flow is one of maybe five plugins I’m excited enough about to insist other people use. I’m not usually a rah-rah sort of gal about anything, but Edit Flow is made of unicorn magic.


  4. Check out my plugin developed for multi-author WordPress sites. This plugin will let administrators see how many posts each author made during a specified time-frame.

    Author Manager


  5. Jeffro says:

    So, I have been using Edit Flow prior to WordPress 3.6 and after 3.6 was released. The more I use it after 3.6, the more I see how much of it is broken. For example, look at this support thread.


    The plugin is being developed by someone in Automattic but there is no word on updates or when we can expect to see any fixes, if ever.

    @Selena MacIntosh – Have you upgraded to WordPress 3.6 and are still using Edit Flow? Curious to hear how many bugs or broken things you have run into.


  6. @Jeffro – You know, I have had a bunch of oddball bugs pop up since I upgraded to 3.6, I have a list of plugin suspects I always go to before Edit Flow, I might just be having issues with it. We have to title all our images twice – once in the media library and again when we add it to a post. There’s a funky bug where using quick edit to add scheduled times for posts makes them publish every so often. Custom user groups in edit flow hasn’t worked in two years.

    We’ve been in chaos for a couple of months trying to find a host that fits our particular set of needs without bankrupting us, so I’ve blamed a lot of the weirdness on new servers and the usual plugin suspects. (Ala Tiny MCE, which I need only for Find/Replace.)

    That makes me nervous, because Edit Flow is so deeply integrated with our site, I’m afraid of the cascade of bull**** that would happen if I had to un-install it.



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