WPKube Guide To Multiple Authors In WordPress

WPKube LogoJoe Flyan from WPKube has an excellent article online that talks about how to work with multiple authors in WordPress. The guide covers user roles and suggests numerous plugins to make it easier to collaborate. With the recent addition of Marcus Couch to this website, it’s the first time in the history of WPTavern that I’ve had more than one author contributing articles on a regular basis.

This multiple author section of WordPress is a whole new world for me and one I’m interested in learning about. Based on the post from WPKube, I plan on trying out the following plugins: Better Author Bio, WP Status Notifier, and possibly Edit Flow although at this stage, Edit Flow seems to be too much of what I don’t need with just one other contributor to the site. There is one other plugin I may experiment with called Co-Authors Plus. It allows me to assign an author to a post without having to create an additional user account.

What plugins do you use to make working with multiple authors easier?

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