300 Free Icons For Web And User Interface Design

Adam Whitcroft has released a 300 icon kit for web and user interface design called Batch. Each icon is a single Photoshop layer making blend modes and scaling a breeze. According to the license, WordPress theme or plugin authors should be able to use these in their works:

You are free to use Batch (the “icon set”) or any part thereof (the “icons”) in any personal, open-source or commercial work without obligation of payment (monetary or otherwise) or attribution. Do not sell the icon set, host the icon set or rent the icon set (either in existing or modified form).

While attribution is optional, it is always appreciated.

Intellectual property rights are not transferred with the download of the icons.

Batch Icon Set

This icon set previously had a price tag attached to it. Adam explained why that’s not the case anymore.


10 responses to “300 Free Icons For Web And User Interface Design”

  1. Unfortunately, that license is not GPL-Compatible, and so the icon set cannot be used in any themes or plugins hosted for free on WordPress.org.

    “Do not sell the icon set, host the icon set or rent the icon set (either in existing or modified form).” is not a GPL-Compatible statement. Freedom means allowing other people to do things with the creative work too, even things you might not like.

  2. ” … that license is not GPL-Compatible …”

    I was wondering about that.

    Nice to see you active again Jeff! :)

  3. @Otto – Well, I read that and thought that the icon set would not be GPL compatible. However, he states that those rules are for the entire set. I don’t see why themes or plugins would host or use the entire set which is why I said it would be ok for them to put those icons in their themes or plugins. Perhaps I will reach out to him to get some clarification on this because in his article where he published his thoughts on why he removed the price tag, he wants to see people use the icon sets.

    @Len – Thanks Len. You still running WPCanada? How’s like been treating you? We’ll see how long this stint I’m on goes lol.

  4. Dear Adam,

    It’s not an easy task to give stuff away for free, given the publics focus on money creation instead of content (wealth) creation. However it is the right intention to end up fulfilled and satisfied.

    I appriciate your work and your spirit!

  5. I’ve followed up with Adam about the licensing and he said that he’s going to keep it as is. So, I just marked out the text that says it would be ok to use those icons in themes and plugins.


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