1. Jeffrey Carandang

    Oh, nice! The beer.svg WPTavern logo is included 🙂


  2. Anh Tran

    Dashicons is great and easy to use as it’s an integral part of WP. I wish there’s a way to auto convert CSS class to svg automatically.


  3. Amit Biswas

    This is a wise decision by WordPress. I already have started using the SVGs for the icons. The reason described here is very meaningful.


  4. Bastian

    The nice thing about font icons was that they were easy to replace with just a few lines of CSS if you wanted. Does anyone know how to do the same with SVG icons, considering that they are inline in the HTML code in the latest Twenty* themes?


  5. Louie Sonugan

    Right decision no doubt! I prefer to use SVG icons for speed.


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