10 Outstanding Presentations From WordCamp Europe

The very first WordCamp Europe took place this last weekend in Leiden, The Netherlands, with over 700 WordPress fans in attendance. From all reports it seems to have been a resounding success. This was the first large-scale WordCamp to be held in Europe. It included two days of world-class speakers from all of the world and one day dedicated to contributing to WordPress. Many attendees reported that it was the best WordCamp they have ever attended.

photo courtesy of @forbairt
photo courtesy of @forbairt

For those of us who weren’t able to attend, you probably noticed your Twitter stream full of the #wceu hashtag, with photos and updates offering a window into all the activities surrounding WordCamp Europe. “Armchair WordCampers” could follow the event via the wceu.wparmchair.com website, created by David Bisset. The site captured 1200+ photos and 3700+ tweets from WordCamp Europe, using the #wceu hashtag.

If you are at home wishing you could have attended all of the awesome sessions, the next best thing is getting your hands on the speakers’ slides. We’ve selected a few of the fantastic presentations that were given this past weekend and have posted them here. If you attended WordCamp Europe or have links to slides from other presentations, please let us know in the comments below.

WordPress: To OOP or not to OOP

Writing Secure WordPress Code

Writing Secure WordPress Code from Brad Williams

Herding Cats with the BuddyPress Activity Component


Why Big Brands Love WordPress

Why Big Brands Love WordPress from Sara Rosso

Real Security for WordPress

Real Security for WordPress from Dre Armeda

Perfecting Your Images Using WordPress

Learnings from Growing Local WordPress Communities

Learnings from Growing Local WordPress Communities from Naoko Takano (McCracken)

On Internationalization: Plugins and Themes for the Whole World


Working towards great version control for WordPress

Unit Testing Like a Pirate

Unit testing like a pirate #wceu 2013 from Ptah Dunbar

28 responses to “10 Outstanding Presentations From WordCamp Europe”

  1. Thanks for using one of my photos :)

    You can find the original at Matt at WCEU :) Along with a few others from the event WCEU Photos

    Mental note though bring a decent zoom lens the next time the venue was kinda huge :D

    Thanks for posting the slides all in the one place as well I was kinda torn on which talks to attend at times ended up mostly going to the more commercial talks as opposed to the developer talks.

  2. @Doug Stewart – I may be American by birth but I’ve been living in Italy and Europe for the past 10 years. Nikolay, Floor, Marko are also Europeans of those featured above, and many more in the program, too.

    All the content was in English :)

  3. @Sara Rosso -@Max – I think hes wondering why more Europeans weren’t listed given it was the official WordCamp for Europe. Its should really be dominated by Europeans.

  4. @Doug Stewart – Most of the speakers were European. The above list is a bit warped in that regard. I guess Americans are better at posting their slides online than their European counterparts :)

  5. Ptah, et al:
    I am indeed commenting upon the slide decks selected as the “outstanding” ones. It struck me as odd for those selected to receive special commendation comprised a non-representative sample of the population being served is all.

    No offense intended.

  6. I think whether the people were from the US, Europe or elsewhere it doesn’t really matter what mattered was the content and that was pretty great :)

  7. I didn’t upload the slides of my own presentation because unless you hear my voice, 40 slides of keywords don’t make much sense. :-)

  8. Well, the last slide was enough to make me start testing my code with PHPUnit.
    Thank you for the share good sir.

  9. Indeed, aside from the fact that the selection of speakers’ nationalities was actually diverse, it was a great chance listening to world-class speakers live.
    Not everyone can attend #wcsf :)


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