1. Allen Moore

    Alison’s VVV site wizard makes the process of adding a new site to VVV a very simple task. Prior to going to work with 10up, I was using MAMP and manually creating v-hosts (a way to avoid buying MAMP Pro). The process Alison has in place is as easy as a one line command and answering yes. This is definitely a win for anyone using VVV.

  2. I can see how this would be great. Unfortunately one of the reasons why I love using VVV is being able to customize the provisioning with WP-CLI etc. I can do default settings for permalinks, create a home-page, remove default wp posts, install plugins etc. etc. all within vagrant provision.

    Using this negates that for me.. I’m sure I could modify her original bash to include my changes but frankly I’m not up for it :)

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