1. What happened to frontend editor being integrated? Has this been changed? I don’t see it in beta.

    1. I don’t think it’s ready for 4.0. Things are still in flux with the Frontend editor, especially with the changes to the theme customizer now becoming the customizer. I think we’ll see a experiment in the dev cycle to 4.1 of the editor using the customer in someway to provide the editing experience. But none of that is confirmed, just speculation on my part.

      There is this from May http://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/05/30/gsoc-editor-experiments/ but I haven’t seen an official update on the status of the front end editor in awhile.

      1. “theme customizer now becoming the customizer” — In terms of word choice, this is simply a small shift in what we call/consider things internally and during development. There is incremental work to generalize and improve the APIs, but I wouldn’t read too much into the diction here. There will always be experiments but I wouldn’t expect anything drastic as a core project anytime soon.

        As for the front-end editor, it is a cool experiment but it isn’t there yet as a fully flushed-out user experience. Not only is there a Google Summer of Code project, but as part of 4.0, we’re bringing in a number of lessons learned there, including embed previews in the editor, and the seamless editor scrolling. There’s always something in the hopper.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the changes to the visual editor. Love the pinned bar, don’t love that I can’t resize the editor window. Might be a bit of OCD for me, but I liked having that control there.

    1. The pinned bar is a positive side effect of what we were really setting out to do, which was to eliminate the issue of scrolling an editor within a larger window that also scrolled. It was never an ideal experience. Being able to manually set the editor height was a symptom of a problem.

      We’ve been using this form of resizing for a few weeks now and you very quickly get used to how it works. Try going back — you’d wonder why WordPress ever worked that way to begin with. As someone else with OCD who lost their treasured resize handle, I feel your pain, but only so much.

      On occasion, people will want to shorten the height of the editor. But because it now simply grows and shrinks with the content, it’s a much nicer experience overall and you don’t actually lose anything by not being able to control it.

      1. The pinned bar and having only one scroll bar is fantastic. I don’t mind the handle to make the window bigger disappearing now that the content window gets larger automatically as I add content. If I remember correctly, wasn’t this a big pet peeve of yours before the 4.0 dev cycle started?

  3. Nice, this is why I love WP…… Anyway I thought Json api or so would be built into core so it will be easy to use wordpress for Applications development?

    1. Kingsley – JSON REST API is slated for inclusion in 4.1 later this year if it stays on target :)

  4. installed it, but I thought you were supposed to be able to select your language? didn’t see that, have I missed something?

    1. It would if you installed WordPress from scratch (new database or no config file).

      1. I think that has to be new database *and* no config file. I set up the latter, my bad. Anyways thanks for your reply. Will do it again without the config :)

  5. …would be nice if you could choose a language not only when installing WordPress, but also any time after, i.e. anytime you like. No?

    1. Pablo Cruz

      Absolutely agree with you. Nice one.

  6. There’s a general trend now to make full point releases nothing special. Just look at Chrome and Firefox version numbers.

  7. Hopefully it will have a better file organization system in the media library. It’s a bit difficult to have 1000+ documents without any tagging, categorization, or folder structure.

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