1. @Mark Root-Wiley – Ok. That works for some people, but I think ultimately it would be better if the video suggestions worked like related posts. Only showing related content created by that user. Nothing like watching a WordPress podcast via recorded google hangout and see a Youtube video suggestion of beautiful women on a beach :/

  2. I would like to reccomend using “Smart Youtube PRO” – have done for several years, and that plugin works.

  3. Hi Jeffro,

    The plugin has been not updated. We provide only javascript based implementation till now. We provide a javascript code when you signup on vozeal.

    We agree that the site needs a lot of work, but it is under process.

    You can visit the following page to see it in action.

    Thanks for the feedback. We are working on the site and will go live with new site and new content very soon.


  4. I honestly find it sad that anyone over at The Tavern doesn’t know that there is a checkbox (for embeds) to disable related videos. Seriously? Please figure out what it does and how it works.

    Still shaking my head in amazement that you dogged a plugin when you could have just ignored the “pitch”and written about something else. And you dogged it with…? ….really bad info.

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