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Vozeal LogoAt a local WordPress meetup I attended, an attendee asked what would be the best way to show videos on their site? We dismissed using YouTube because when the video ends, it would most likely show video suggestions that had nothing to do with the topic at hand. We recommended that he use Vimeo. Earlier this week, I was contacted by the developers of a plugin called Vozeal that based on their pitch to me, would solve the problem of YouTube videos recommending videos outside of the user’s channel. I gave it a shot and this was my experience.

Normally when someone pitches me a plugin to review, I expect everything in the plugin as well as the website to work correctly. The only time I don’t expect that is when the plugin is in beta along with the company’s website. Before I continue the review, I want you to read the pitch I received.

I am co-founder of Vozeal. We give bloggers technology to better engage their audience. We have developed plugins for bloggers to change the youtube suggestions that come. Our plugin ensures that all the suggestion appear from publisher’s own youtube channel. We are rolling out with blogs like,, on board.

We would love to get a review from you guys

Plugin Doesn’t Deliver

The first thing I did was check out their website. Their site delivers the bare minimum of information needed to figure out what their plugin does. However, I couldn’t find any information on their website dedicated to their WordPress plugin until I browsed their footer. This is where I found a link to their blog with a post from September explaining how to install their plugin.

The plugin is very easy to install and only contains one setting. In order to use it, you’ll need an authorization key that is provided after you signup to their website. Their sign up form looks like this.

Vozeal Signup Page

After registering, I didn’t receive the typical email that accompanies signing up to a website. I did receive a block of code that I was supposed to add to any template file I wanted the widget to show up on. I added the code to a standard Text widget and nothing showed up.

Vozeal Authorization Key

At this point, I have no idea what’s going on. So I visit the Vozeal website and click on the link that states, Click Here to Know How Vozeal Work!. Unfortunately, that doesn’t provide much help. In fact, this is what I see.

Vozeal Help Video No Shows


At this point, I give up. There is no sense in continuing. Nothing shows up when I put the code into a text widget and it’s clear that the Vozeal website needs a lot of work. The statement about this plugin that interested me the most was, our plugin ensures that all the suggestions appear from publisher’s own youtube channel. This is a feature that would be helpful to a lot of people, especially to those that publish their Google Hangout recordings. At this time, I recommend avoiding Vozeal at all costs until they get their plugin, and especially their website under control.


5 responses to “Plugin Review: Vozeal”

  1. @Mark Root-Wiley – Ok. That works for some people, but I think ultimately it would be better if the video suggestions worked like related posts. Only showing related content created by that user. Nothing like watching a WordPress podcast via recorded google hangout and see a Youtube video suggestion of beautiful women on a beach :/

  2. Hi Jeffro,

    The plugin has been not updated. We provide only javascript based implementation till now. We provide a javascript code when you signup on vozeal.

    We agree that the site needs a lot of work, but it is under process.

    You can visit the following page to see it in action.

    Thanks for the feedback. We are working on the site and will go live with new site and new content very soon.


  3. I honestly find it sad that anyone over at The Tavern doesn’t know that there is a checkbox (for embeds) to disable related videos. Seriously? Please figure out what it does and how it works.

    Still shaking my head in amazement that you dogged a plugin when you could have just ignored the “pitch”and written about something else. And you dogged it with…? ….really bad info.


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