1. Interesting, wonder who’s using this? I was hoping to make it through my development life without learning a new framework or system hahaha, curiosity will get the best of me and I’ll look at this.

    1. Steve Bruner

      Herb– The best part of Piklist, is if you know how to write code for WordPress, then you know how to write code for Piklist. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

      1. Thanks Steve, I’ll check it out. Do they have good support docs I can read through?

          1. Sounds interesting I run mid scale news websites in WordPress all day with paid content feeds, multiple contributors, custom post-types and taxonomies…at a cursory glance this sounds like it might help. The real issue will be time to integrate. Right now we are moving from yellowbrix to acquire media and the process has been fun : ) (not) We use PDO to load the feeds and make it all work with WordPress – would your system use core WordPress functions? At our scale and post volume transitions are time sensitive…

  2. Steve Bruner

    Piklist makes it super easy to add fields and add additional features to WordPress. In most cases you will use standard WordPress functions to get your data and display it.

  3. Gilles

    I think Piklist is a very usefull framework for WordPress developer. Thanks for sharing it with the community :)

    Just a question: does Piklist allow us to use “More add” fields group in a widget?

    1. Gilles

      I’ve got the answer: yes Piklist allow us to use “More add” fields group in a widget.
      I made a test ;-)

      1. Steve Bruner

        @Gilles– Any field… anywhere. Even Add-more’s. ;)

  4. I’ve been following Piklist since the very begining but I haven’t have the chance to dig deep. I think now it’s a good time to start with Piklist…looks very promising. Thanks and congratulations to the Piklist team.

    1. Steve Bruner

      Hi Victor– Glad you are going to try Piklist. Let us know what you think on the community forums >

  5. I’ve used Piklist on several recent projects and am currently developing a plugin that will be incorporating Piklist, and let me say, I LOVE it. The devs have done a fantastic job bringing Piklist along, and it has literally saved me hours. It has also helped me take my DRY coding practices to the next level: “arid”.

    1. Steve Bruner

      Piklist definitely makes ARID coding a reality. ;)

  6. I’ve been using PikList to run the customer section of http://www.PigeonLab.net for about a year now. The devs are very responsive on the support forums. The plugin is a fantastic tool and I think it would be a great resource for anyone who would like to build applications with WordPress.

  7. Martijn Beurze

    For about a year this is the first (and sometimes only) plugin I install on every WordPress project. Building custom applications in WordPress and still staying within tight budgets and timeframes has never been easier! And then to think it is still in Beta! Amazing!

    1. Martijn– Glad you love Piklist. Would love to know about some of the projects you used it on. Feel free to use our contact form or support forums to let us know.

  8. Gaurav

    We can use Piklist plugin in selling premium themes, right ?

      1. Madge

        Which means “no”. Do we all understand GPL? It’s a viral non-commercial license. You have to license your themes to be GPL in that case, and they need to be free.

        1. Which means Yes. GPL allows for the redistribution and selling/reselling of code. You can even sell GPL code that was originally free. The GPL encourages developers to monetize their work. So it’s definitely commercial.

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