1. I certainly agree and it is something I plan to work with the Stream team on in the future.

  1. Thanks for the review, Jeff! It’s always good to see when your plugin is noticed :)

    To address your suggestion regarding the “From” message, I have added some code to reflect the blog’s domain in the message headers so that it is easier to identify the specific site that the notification is coming from. I just pushed it out to version 1.0.2 so you should see an update notification shortly.

    Thanks again for the review! If anyone finds any bugs or has any suggestions, feel free to reach out to me!

  2. Is an SMS notifications plugin for front-end just not possible or just hasn’t been done yet?

  3. Here’s another small feature request. Show the username of the user that triggers the logged in notification.

    1. The feature is in there, but there was a bug. I just pushed 1.0.3 to the WordPress repos as well as GitHub which fixes that issue.

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