1. John Teague

    I really appreciate this service. The app is easy to use and something that’s been needed. Kudos to Chris for creating it.


  2. Salman

    I have been using this service for a while, the biggest downside of WP lookout is that you can not set monthly schedule for receiving emails about plugin updates in the last month. it sends emails whenever a plugin is updated which is good but not what all users need.


    • Chris Hardie

      Hi Salman! Thanks for the feedback, it’s helpful for me to know that you would find a monthly digest useful! With the options to consume an RSS feed, have updates fed into a Slack channel or posted to a custom webhook endpoint, you could of course achieve whatever schedule you’d like, but we’ll take a look at making a monthly digest a standard notification option.

      Thanks for using WP Lookout!


      • Dave

        +1 for scheduling when to receive update info. Weekly sounds about right to me, lets me process what is new and if I should be updating each plugin and p[ssibly taking advantage of new features/fixes.


  3. Steven Gliebe

    This is a great idea and I’m excited to try it. I might swap Companion Auto Updates for this and native updates.

    /me goes to give it a try


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