1. Jetpack: Automattic’s “y’all takin’ too damn long to build this stuff” plugin. (I, for one, welcome the new Custom Content Type feature. Thank you, a8c crew!)

    1. galengidman

      That’s funny, I was just thinking: “Thank goodness that smiley image is gone by default now.”

      1. That was my favorite part. No more img#wpstats { display: none; } in the stylesheets.

    2. Don’t worry there is a way to add it back :) just go to Stats and click on the configure link. You were able to hide the smile for a while but the config page was hard to find.

  2. It bugs me that they enable significant new features by default. At least with the portfolio dealio it is only “half” enabled. You still have to go to Settings –> Writing to enable the portfolios for real so I was able to deactivate the Custom Content Type module before it messed anything up on my site.

    It’s very kind of Automattic to make so many WP.com features available to the entire WP community. But I still don’t understand why they chose to roll everything under the sun into one Borg of a plugin instead of releasing individual plugins for each feature.

    1. Chris — we don’t auto-activate all new features, only the ones that won’t actually affect the front-end of your site for users, and we consider (after evaluating carefully) to be worth auto activating. Some, like Sharing Buttons and Custom Post Types — although they are active, they don’t actually do anything unless an admin configures it to. Others, like Photon or the Comment Form we intentionally leave off, as turning them on by default and taking over some of your front end without realizing it would be discourteous! :)

      1. Several months ago, my contact form stopped working because Jetpack override the shortcode from Contact Form 7 and I didn’t realize until a few months after that. End up losing a lot of leads in the process.

        1. Since Jetpack 2.6 (which shipped November of 2013), we don’t actually activate our internal contact forms module if you’re using any of the other popular contact form plugins already:



          But beyond that, it looks like Contact Form 7 uses the [[contact-form-7]] shortcode — which we don’t touch. Can you detail how we overrode it?

          1. Ah, see, I was confused. You’d said ‘a few months ago’ and that issue is from over two years ago — published May 17th, 2012. And it looks like we fixed it promptly.

            Commits dated May 18th and 22nd:


            Both of which shipped out in 1.3.1, dated May 22nd:


  3. Will be waiting for a slim “Jetpack Custom Content Type without Jetpack” version on WP.org :P

    1. We’re planning on it. If it continues with the steam it’s picked up so far, we’ll certainly structure our custom post types to work well with it. :)

  4. nishantratnakar

    So late with custom post types and portfolio. All the while I had been adding projects as normal blog posts but under a category named ‘portfolio’. Would there be anyway to migrate the existing blog posts published under ‘portfolio’ category to new portfolio custom post type. I have a feeling that I will need to swim through lot of mess if I have to use this new feature. I don’t think i can delete existing posts as it will result it 404 errors when people reach my site through google search.

      1. nishantratnakar

        Thanks for the link George :) . But, I wonder if it affects the existing URL and permalinks to the post. For example, as mentioned above, I had created a parent category called ‘Portfolio’. Under which I had other categories for specific genre of projects like ‘multimedia’ , portraits or weddings. I have this URL http://nishantratnakar.com/portfolio/multi-media/fistful-of-dreams/ – Now, if I switch the post type, wouldn’t it affect the permalink? I am asking this because the wordpress.com documentation on portfolio gives a different permalink for portfolio projects with project slugs and project-type slugs.

  5. Now, I may considered using jetpack if it doesn’t prevent my site to load faster..

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