1. I feel sorry for the plugin developers who are arguing over which one of them has the best BP media plugin….lol

  2. Glad to see this coming. :-)

    Core attachment support will make life easy, atleast for us (rtMedia developer team).

  3. Hi, I have created a user a and group widget for the attachments, but I have a problem when i recall the attachments loops. bp_attachments_has_attachments() with the per_page. on the profile attachments pags shows me what I put on the widget in the sidebar. ex: on my widget screen i put to see (bp_attachments_has_attachments(‘per_page=3’)) it works, but in the attachments profile page it shows me only 3 attachments like the widget.
    one loop works with the other.

      1. thanks. only for reporting the plugin is fine, after some research it’s not a plugin issue but it’s a (10 month…) bug of buddypress core: bp_has_members() in widgets stomps $members_template global Ticket #5170.

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