BuddyPress 12.0 to Focus on Merging BP Rewrites Into Core, Moving Legacy Widgets Into BP Classic Plugin

During the most recent BuddyPress development meeting, contributors decided to focus the upcoming 12.0 release on merging the BP Rewrites feature plugin into core. This plugin is the result of a ten-year-old effort to migrate BuddyPress’ custom URI parser to use WordPress’ Rewrite API.

One year ago, BP Rewrites went into beta. It’s not certain how the change will interact with different plugins, so BP developers recommended it be tested for at least two major BuddyPress core releases before considering a merge. Early testers uncovered many incompatibilities and conflicts with various BuddyPress features.

In order to move forward confidently with support for users who may experience plugin conflicts, BP Rewrites’ maintainers have decided to create a new plugin that will provide backward compatibility. This new plugin will be called BP Classic and will also contain BuddyPress’ legacy widgets, a change that BuddyPress core developer Mathieu Viet said “will be our first move towards progressively rebooting BuddyPress.” BP 9.0.0 (released July 2021) gave users the ability to transform legacy widgets into a block with two clicks. Moving these widgets out into BP Classic will be a significant step towards their eventual retirement.

The BP Attachments Add-on, a new component for managing BuddyPress attachments, is ready to move into beta testing. Viet has updated the plugin’s README file to include the features it will launch with in the plugin on WordPress.org:

  • Front-end and back-end Media library for all your members
  • Administrators can moderate Members media from the back-end Media library
  • Members can upload public or private media into their personal Media Library as well as organize them creating file directories, photo albums, movie or music playlists
  • User media blocks for all your site’s content contributors
  • Members can upload and attach public media to their activity updates (Needs the BP Activity component to be active)
  • Members can upload and attach private media to their private messages (Needs the BP Messages component to be active)
  • All members public media can be browsed from the Community Media directory.
  • (beta) A new avatar Upload UI

Future versions of the feature plugin will include a new cover image upload UI, and the ability to share media with friends and between group members.

BuddyPress contributors anticipate bumping the required WordPress version to 5.8 in the 12.0 release. Beta 1 is planned for April 15, with the official release landing May 31.


3 responses to “BuddyPress 12.0 to Focus on Merging BP Rewrites Into Core, Moving Legacy Widgets Into BP Classic Plugin”

  1. Yes, in the case of BuddyPress, they are going to benefit in increasing the requirements.
    I would jump straight to WP 5.9 as a minimum, inspired by WooCommerce, which has a similar immense task of migrating widgets and shortcodes to blocks.

    I wish for Buddy press to reboot successfully. The way how scripts and stylesheets are being loaded currently mixed with blocks is an unnecessary edm mix to their own ears. ;)
    Maintaining compatibility to the last 2 WP releases instead of 4 versions, could ease the process.

    • Thanks a lot for this & the following comment Poen 😍. I was to suggest jumping to 5.9 as both are around 5% of « WordPress installs shares », but I felt it could be interpreted as being a bit pushy. We made a first step in 10.0 to avoid loading our Styles & Scripts everywhere (filter hook to opt-out), you reminded me we had to make the 2nd step during 12.0 (filter hook to opt-in). I’ll réa-add the ticket to Milestone 12.

  2. I consider Telegram as a good inspiration sometimes (and sometimes not) for BuddyPress. When BuddyPress propose “Administrators can moderate Members media from the back-end Media library” for 12.0, this is one scenario where they can be bolder, as bold as Telegram recently did, when Telegram enabled for Admins the possibility to moderate how each user role can interact to each one of 9 file types. That framework was impressive and is scalable. Something that I hope to see well planed and done in BP. Because they deserve the future. The most scalable framework, even if in the frontend not everything is used by BP Core.

    (Commenting again because the My name was wrong in the previous comment)


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