1. Gorgeous!

    “The Right Typeface Can Make All the Difference”

    And this is a perfect example of using the right typeface.

  2. I hope everyone enjoys Editor! Just a note that while the download page says the theme author is Okay Themes, this will soon be fixed to say Array. There was a slight mixup during the review process. ;)

    1. Thanks, Mike. The theme is simply stunning. We’ll make sure to update the .org link if it changes at all.

  3. Very elegant design! I always see Roboto used with very light font weight, and frankly it’s not my favorite look. Too airy. I wasn’t familiar with the condensed version. It’s lovely! Great work all around.

    1. Thanks, Robby! I accidentally stumbled upon Roboto Condensed when looking for a better title font. It worked out really well, giving the theme a different vibe than it originally started with.

    1. – looks lovely Siobhan; soooo very clean and readable! :)

    2. That looks really slick on your blog Siobhan. I think it looks a lot better than the Twenty Thirteen theme I recall seeing on your blog previously.

    3. Looks great, Siobhan! It’s cool to see how Editor takes on real content. Your blog is a nice match! ;)

  4. Just downloaded the theme…what can be said about Mike, the man knows his stuff. Two words…simply beautiful

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