1. I can imagine that this will also be a great tool for schools on their websites. They could make great lessons with this.

  2. Chris Knowles

    Sites like NYT and pitchfork.com have really been pioneering this approach and ultimately it’s about getting long form to work online. Telling real stories in a length they deserve and really engaging audiences.

    Making the techniques available to the WP community is a game changer because it puts these techniques in the hands of millions of content creators.

    This is a potentially seismic shift in content creation and the biggest thing to hit WP for ages.

    Exciting stuff.

  3. A beautiful plugin. Love it! I want this on my new full screen web site!

  4. Nick Haskins, got me into the beta two weeks ago and it’s awesome! I can’t wait to show you guys the long form piece I am working on :)

      1. Aleksander, I went to look at your site, and, eh, I’m guessing it’s still a work in progress. Would love to see Aesop in action on someone’s site!

  5. Really promising project, and perfectly integrated with wp-admin, great work!

  6. Really nice peace of work. I`m wondering what impact this could have for novelist and fiction writers and how they could publish their works: Here you can make a truly multi media novel and let customers get a sneak peak before getting full access! And another nail in the coffin for the publishing houses?

    1. Dr. Zargle

      Absolutely! The more nails in this particular coffin the better!

      1. I have tried the plugin with some themes and it does not look good. I have seen that the developer sells the theme seen in the description of the plugin. I am wondering if someone has tested the theme and can provide a review about it, looks pretty good.

        1. Rafeal what’s the name of the theme?? I can’t seem to find it in the description. If it is cheap, I’ll try it and tell you what I think.

          1. Before the story engine came into play, the original idea was in a theme called Aesop that’s sold on my theme/plugin shop. It’s a theme with the functionality built in. Since that time, the functionality was ported out and expounded on, thus the plugin was born. This way the functionality now isn’t locked to the theme.

            There aren’t currently any themes built for the story engine, however that’s going to change pretty quickly, as that has been the most requested item.

          2. Thanks for the quick reply Nick! So, in theory, I could install your child theme, make some modifications and then use the plugin to make a static landing page long form story?? I’m playing around with it here: countingthedead.com (though nothing is actually live). I’ll be porting in a large part of my iBook “Counting the Dead” (you can find it on iTunes), so I have a lot of content that is already ready to go. Hopefully, I’ll have something live within the next to days or so…

          3. Cody – just went to have a look at your site – and yes, love what you’ve done so far. Did you create or use a paid for theme? And just so you know, I went to iTunes and bought the book. Thanks for writing it. :D

  7. This story engine is freaking awesome. We’ve been talking about how there are no easy ways to tell stories like the New York Times or Washington post where they add distinct elements to the post such as map or other interactive elements. This story engine changes that and thankfully, it’s not all bundled into a theme but in a plugin instead opening the door for more people to use it.

    Can’t wait to see live examples of people telling stories using the engine. This story engine is something that would rock the world of WordPress.com users. Tons of people using the service for longform content and this is exactly what they need.

  8. So now I’m super tempted to buy the Aesop theme, but I want the flexibility to do other non long-form posts. Love the theme, really want to try it out, but…anyone know of anyone who’s managed to implement this? Read Nick’s notes on his site about how it would be super easy to implement, but I’m admittedly not that tech savvy to pull this off.

    I know I should wait patiently until some Aesop-specific themes get released, but if anyone knows anyone who could make this work on my own site (sunnyinkabul.com), please let me know.

  9. Christian

    I tried to intstall the plugin on the new WordPress Twelve Fourteen theme and others. I can edit the storys by using the “Add Component Button” in the editor but it has no effect to the storys. They aren’t published in a full width. So I’m really looking forward to the final plugin.

  10. I really don’t get it. I’m honestly confused about what all the fuss is about.

    For the most part the plugin gives you a way to insert blocks of content within a post or a page. That’s all. Some of the components are features (images, video) that are already in the wordpress editor by default anyway. Some components (chapters, maps) simply don’t work very well.

    I can see this maybe becoming useful in some future iteration. But for the moment it’s simply easier to customize page templates.

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